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May 2019:
I’ll be blogging at FRESH FICTION May 24th with a book giveaway to one commenter. Hope to see you there. My topic – The Scent of a Woman.
Watch for my BOOKBUB Deal Sunday May 26th
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The six NEWSLETTER winners names have been randomly drawn by Rafflecopter and were announced  in the May 1st newsletter.  I will contact the winners privately later today. So happy to see new subscribers entering the contests.
I’m excited for the release of my next book this month.  Book #1 in the Santa Barbara Sunsets Series. (A sweet romance series) Here’s the release date:
For a limited time (the next ten days) PRE-ORDER price is $1.99 (discounted a dollar off the regular $2.99 rate on May 14th) Why not order now?
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I made the USA Today Bestseller list today with Their Christmas Miracle for the week of October 22-28, 2018
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