Wacky License Plates

Can you read what these plates say?


Part of the fun of road trips is looking at license plates.  When I was growing up my family and I used to see how many out of state plates we could spot.  It kept us kids occupied for a few minutes before we got back to our favorite mantra, “Are we there yet?” or “I’m hungry” and we can’t overlook “I need to pee!”  Over the years, I’ve noticed some really silly vanity plates, and I’m not always sure I get what the owner intended.

In my upcoming book, ONE FOR THE ROAD, a goofy license plate plays a significant role.  I won’t say what that plate says, as I’m planning a contest in the near future where you’ll need to tell me what it says and which side you fall on with the meaning, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some goofy/fun plates with you today.

What funny license plate have you run across lately?  Do share!


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11 Responses to Wacky License Plates

  1. Lynne! Love the license plates. It is fun to read them on those long road trips. I saw one the other day on a Porsche: GR8LVR. Got my attention until I saw the driver was a 70+ year old man. But then I saw a woman his age with him, and thought they looked like one happy couple!

  2. Hi Trish!

    I love that license plate, but yeah, how funny is that. Maybe they were driving their son or grandson’s car? he he.

    That plate puts a lot of pressure on the guy or gal, you know?

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Christine Collier says:

    I think the funniest plate I ever saw said “COLLCTR” and I just kept thinking,”of what?” Other than that, my favorite plate frame is either “My other car is a broom” or “Who needs Santa when you got GMA”

    • Hi Christine!
      Thanks for commenting on the blog. I am a notoriously bad car vanity plate reader and thought the plate you mentioned said: Call Center! See what I mean? I am really bad at deciphering them. Obviously, when I read your plate example again, I got Collecter. And, YEAH, of WHAT?

      We’re you able to read the opening to our constitution via those plates?

      : ) Oh, and if I had one of those plate frame things that said “My other car is a…” mine would read “Vespa!”

  4. robena grant says:

    There was an old silver fox down here in the desert who had SNRSTD for his license plate. I could never figure out if it meant he was a senior with an STD or a senior stud. Either way TMI. ; )

    • Hi Robena –
      Too funny! Yeah, so many of these “clever” license plates go bad. As you know I’ve got a perfect example of one in One for the Road.

      I would also think it was a senior citizen proud of having an STD, too! Ha ha. He probably thought the white haired ladies would come running, but little does he know he probably chased them all away.

      : )

  5. Celeste says:

    I love the one you posted from Maine. My family hails from that great state and my mother always referred to herself as a Maine-iac. So Deranged from Maine seems appropriate. Now that my mother is widowed and has no one to answer to she has chosen a vanity plate OOW (older outrageous woman.)

    • Hi Celeste!
      Thanks for reading the blog. I LOVE Maine. Maine-iac has so much more zing than Mainer, you know? Your mother sounds like a super woman, the red hat kind, though I’m not sure I’d ever figure out what she meant by her plate. If I were traveling behind her for a long stretch, I’d probably drive myself crazy trying to figure it out, then hope we stopped at the same rest stop and I’d have to ask her. : )

      Thank you for reading the blog and commenting.

      I’ll be her every Monday, folks – ; plug plug plug

  6. Maria says:

    Hmm, my friend had a plate that said N2SKNRU (In to skin are you). She was an esthetician (facialist) and of course whenever we drove her car anywhere, men honked. She didn’t think it out when she got that plate. If I ever get a vanity plate, I want it to say WORMS for no other reason that to make everyone wonder why.

    • ROTFL – on the first part.

      Worms. Yeah, I’d have to follow you on the freeway to the nearest rest stop to ask you what the heck that meant. They have pills for that you know?

      Thanks for reading and commenting and making me laugh, Maria.