An Indiscretion goes live March 21st

The blog tour continues, and here are this week’s stops:

March 19th: Romance Book ParadiseMy Five Favorite Romance Book Hooks

March 21st:  Minxes of Romance – The Pert and Plucky Heroines of Romance

  1. March 21st:  The Wild Rose Press blog – Behind the Garden Gate– A Brief History of Medical Romance.

As you can see, I have a double header on Wednesday the 21st, which also happens to be the day An Indiscretion becomes available at The Wild Rose Press, and at Amazon. I hope to see you somewhere out there in cyberspace as the Courting His Favorite Nurse blog tour continues!

Now, on to my exciting news from last week.  On Saturday, I found out my book One for the Road is a finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence in the Mainstream with Strong Romantic Elements category, and  I couldn’t be happier!  Winners will be announced in May.

While I’m in midair clicking my heels over that good news, I am also shouting for joy, because FINALLY An Indiscretion is available for download on your e-reader.  To help make up your mind about this book, see the book blurb and the character pictures I used when writing Paul and Carrington.

AN INDESCRETION by Lynne Marshall

A doctor… A nurse… An indiscretion…Paul Valverde is stretched to the limit, caring for an elderly relative while running a business and maintaining a full-time medical practice at St. Stephen’s Hospital–with no time for a relationship.

RN Carrington Hanover leaves her money-hungry fiancé at the altar and moves on to a new job at St. Stephen’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The next man in her life must love her, not her money.

All work and no play has made Paul an unfulfilled man, and the resurrected redheaded crush from his youth is driving him to distraction. Can their complicated past become untangled by their newfound attraction–or will their love be doomed by mistrust and long-held resentment?

Paul Valverde, entrepreneur and medical doctor, is ready to expand his business and move into the multi-million dollar market with a new medical patent.  Duty, honesty and loyalty are the most important things in life, especially after being falsely accused of stealing as a teen, and being sent to juvenile hall.  Being raised by his Anglo mother, he learned about his Spanish heritage from his grandfather, who is currently harping on him to find a good Hispanic girl and settle down.  He hardly has time for an affair, let alone a committed relationship. Devoted to his Grandfather, who has recently had a stroke, Paul is caring for him, and also running his medical business while working full time as a Doctor at St. Stephen’s Hospital. And though stretched to the limit with obligations, a woman from his past forces him to understand a man must still make time for passion.  Too bad she’s a person he can never allow himself to get involved with again.

Carrington Hanover is happy to be a nurse.  She has led a privileged life but has walked away from her father’s money, vowing to live within her own means after her mother dies from cancer.  Now, her grandfather turns her life upside down when he bequeaths her a million dollars.  Realizing on her wedding day that her fiancé has dollar signs in his eyes instead of love, she runs away to St. Stephen’s Hospital in Los Angeles.  Here, she plans to keep secret her inheritance.  A man must love her for her alone, not her money, her self-respect is in the balance.

I hope you’ll join Paul and Carry as they work through their differences and fall in love.

Until next week, make it a great one!



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6 Responses to An Indiscretion goes live March 21st

  1. Lacey Devlin says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Lynne!! I have my fingers crossed for the announcement in May 🙂

  2. Have a fabulous week, Lynne! Congrats on your newest release! It sounds terrific, and I love that I can now visualize who you did when I read it. 🙂 Yay on your Colorado Writers’ Award of Excellence final too!

  3. oh my, nice visuals! and congratulations on that final. Best of luck!

  4. Hi Robin!
    Thank you so much for stopping by, and also for commenting over at Romance Book Paradise. I’m glad the newest book – An Indiscretion – sound good to you, and that you like what the characters look like.

    Yes, I’m still happy dancing about the Colorado Award of Excellence final, but I’m just as happy with your sweet review for Courting His Favorite Nurse over at goodreads!

    I hope you have a great week, too.