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One of the perks of writing for Harlequin out of the Mills & Boon office in London is getting a lot of books translated into different languages. France seems to love Medical Romance, so every book I write for that line gets translated into French. I thought it would be fun to share the French book covers for my recent Cowboys, Doctors…and Daddies duet – Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad, and Father for Her Newborn Baby. AKA – La Famille D’un Docteur/un Père Pour Sa Fille. Isn’t the book cover sweet?






I’ve also been fortunate to write for Harlequin Special Edition and happily have discovered that so far two out of the three books in my Heartlandia trilogy have been picked up by France and French Canadians for publication. A Doctor for Keeps is paired with a Medical Romance by my Australian friend and fellow author Emily Forbes. My title: Le Docteur De Son Coeur. This made me laugh because the book is strictly a contemporary romance where the hero just happens to be a doctor. There is minimal medical drama, yet it is being published in the French Blanche line.






The next book is the second book in the Home in Heartlandia series – Her Perfect Proposal, and it was chosen by the French/Canadian version of the Desire line – Passions – to be published as Un Mystère Aux Yeux Verts. (A Mystery for Green Eyes) I think putting the book in this more passionate line might have something to do with the follow-up after the tea ceremony scene. Just a guess!


Here are the US covers to help you remember which books are which.










And here are the U.S. and UK covers for my January Medical Romance –                              A Mother for His Adopted Son.

A Mother for His Adopted Son9780373010844


Plus here is the blurb:

Notoriously cool, calm and always in control, single dad Dr. Sam Marcus is facing every parent’s worst nightmare. His adorable adopted son, Dani, has cancer, and Andrea Rimmer is the only woman who can help!

As Andrea treats his son, Sam sees the warmth and compassion behind her independent exterior. Can he prove to Andrea that she’s the only mummy for Dani, and that together their family is a perfect fit?

I’ll talk more about this book in a future blog where I’ll discuss how I came to give my heroine the profession she had. I found her skill both fun and fascinating. I hope you will too!

Until next time, make it a great one!Lynne

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