Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies!


Meet the Montgomery brothers—from bachelors to dads.

Trevor and Cole Montgomery are the best-looking bachelors in Cattleman Bluff—not to mention the doctors everyone wants to see.


(Cattleman Bluff was fashioned after Afton Wyoming)





More than one woman has tried to persuade these men to say “I do,” but no one’s succeeded…Until two women move to Cattleman Bluff and turn the lives of these hot docs upside down.Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad UK


Because it’s not just the women Trevor and Cole are going to fall in love with—it’s their adorable children too



Don’t miss this new duet

Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad – Nurse Julie Sterling is risking everything to return to the hometown she left, heartbroken and pregnant, all those years ago. It’s the best chance to give her son the stability he craves, but there’s on small problem… Her new hot-shot boss, doctor and cowboy Trevor Montgomery, is her son’s father!9780373070725

Trevor’s never forgotten his one night with Julie, but discovering he’s a dad makes him realize what he’s been missing all these years! Can he convince Julie that he wants to be part of her life…for ever?






Father for Her Newborn Baby – When famed cardiologist Cole Montgomery returns home for his brother’s wedding, a medical emergency means he must stay and care for his father. He hires Dr. Lizzie Silva to help, but he doesn’t expect her to be so beautiful…or to show up with a tiny daughter!


Single mum Lizzie has had a hard life, but working alongside scrumptious Cole reminds her that romance does exist! She can see him falling for her little daughter…does she dare hope that this notorious bachelor might fall for her, too?




Books available in print in UK September 2015.  Available from Harlequin website and Amazon in print also.

Available in e-book format at all of the usual online bookstores!  Check the sidebar at this website for links to Lynne Marshall books.

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4 Responses to Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies!

  1. robena grant says:

    They both sound delicious! And I adore the covers. 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Hi Robena – you are so sweet to comment. I love the book covers, too. And you know what I went through to get one of them juuuuust right. ha ha

  3. Dee J. says:

    Me too! Love the covers! Just saw that great blog on “A Doctor For Keeps”! Yay!
    I loved that book! Congrats!

    • Hi Dee J,
      Thanks for your support. I really appreciated your critiquing for all three of the Home in Heartlandia books. Thanks so much.

      And I’m glad you love these covers as much as I do. My Montgomery boys were a joy to write.

      thanks for reading and commenting.