FOREVER A FATHER – My 25th Harlequin book

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I’m so happy to share my twenty-fifth Harlequin book, Forever a Father, the launch book for The Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach trilogy. In book one, I introduce Daniel Delaney, the eldest brother, and Keela O’Mara, a young lady from Ireland who works for him. The more I got to know Daniel and Keela, the more I rooted for them and their happily-ever-after. If any couple deserved it, they did, but both had been disillusioned by love and have the emotional scars to prove it.

As Keela’s boss, Daniel is aware he walks a fine line if he lets his attraction to his employee get out of hand. He’s starting a new business, and he needs her expertise to keep things running smoothly. That should be all. Enter Keela’s four-year-old daughter, Anna, and Daniel’s eighty-five-year-old grandfather, Padraig, and things really get complicated. With the beautiful Sandpiper Beach as a backdrop, and a prediction from a fortune cookie, Daniel and Keela begin to tiptoe toward the L word, and in so doing, help each other conquer their heartache.

Now settle in and meet the family: Padraig, Maureen (Mom), Sean (Dad) and brothers Daniel, Mark and Conor.

Patriarch, Padraig Delaney aka Grandda
Photo Credit: Charles Harris/AdMedia

  Maureen, their mother


Sean Delaney
Padraig’s son, father to the brothers, and taller than all of them!







Keela O’Mara

Daniel Delaney


The Delaneys may run the third-best hotel in Sandpiper Beach, but where family, love and loyalty are concerned, they’re hands-down number one.


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