Fourth of July! Independence Day

The Marshall Memo, July 4th

We all sing about freedom, in the land of the free.

We talk about justice, it’s real for you and me.

About the blessings heaped upon us, we all rave, ‘cause it’s true,

And my star spangled heart, loves your red, white and blue.

Red, white and blue, stars and stripes, I love you,

From the East to the West, we stand taller than the rest.

U. S. of A., old glory, statue in the bay,

American independence…will always see us through,

That’s why we love, the red, white and blue.”

Star Spangled Heart by Tyler White

One for the Road©

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6 Responses to Fourth of July! Independence Day

  1. Virginia C says:

    Wow! How beautiful–thank you!

    Happy 4th : )

    • admin says:

      Hi Catherine!

      Thanks for stopping by. I love these pictures, too! Hope you see lots and lots of fireworks tonight.


  2. robena grant says:

    Wow! Shiny! Pretty! Me like. : )

    I loved Tyler’s song. You are quite the poet/song writer.

    • Hi Roben!

      Forgive me for running behind here. Yes, there is nothing like fireworks!
      There came a time while writing ONE FOR THE ROAD when I gulped and realized, “Holy cow, I have to write a song!” Only because I was in Tyler’s head, I was able to do it.

      Thanks for stopping my, and I’m so glad you loved Tyler’s song. (I have an actual melody in my head for it, too.) I know, we’re all crazy we writers.