fall in forest

“Will I see you in September, or lose you to a summer love?” Anyone else remember the old standard, See You in September? It always comes to mind as fall approaches since it is bittersweet to kiss the carefree summer goodbye and move on to the business of September.


These days fall is my favorite season. That’s probably why I wrote my new book, SWEET HOME MONTANA set in autumn.  Release date on September 27th,

In California we don’t get much of a fall season, so we make a point to travel to places that do. Eastern Canada is always a sure bet for fall foliage.













Some of the things I like about fall are the harvest festivals, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and fun decorations. Not to mention the brisk weather and that special golden tint the season seems to throw over everything. I tried to hit those highpoints in my book, where Erin and Wade fall in love. Available for pre order.

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Here’s a bit about my characters:
Wade Conrad is a self-made entrepreneur who has achieved great success in the business world. But as far as his personal life goes, he’s not nearly as well off. Estranged from his father for years, Wade finds himself being called home to help with a family issue. Back home, facing the mistake of walking away from his family, he discovers that having shut down his heart to his Dad has also kept him from ever being truly open to love a woman.

Erin Chase used to have a bright future with big plans until she got stood up at the altar. Now a self-proclaimed introvert, she hides out as an equine therapist for Healing Heart Acres – the place that helped put her back together after having her heart broken by her ex-fiancée. Well beyond the time to step back into the world of the living again, she gets forced out when Wade Conrad and his sullen half-brother, Brent, show up for help.

If you enjoy Hallmark movies that don’t have a lot of angst but still manage to tug the heartstrings, I think you might enjoy Sweet Home Montana.

I’m leaving with a few thoughts about fall, best told in this lovely poem.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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