It’s March already. Where has the time gone?

BE SURE TO VOTE!Tomorrow, March 3rd, is super Tuesday in USA where several states hold primary elections for the presidential election. I’ll be voting. What about you?

Tomorrow is also release day for His Special Angel, book #2 in the Mercy, Inc. trilogy.

I originally wrote this book in 2007, long before I read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Not that the books are similar, except for one aspect. The heroes in both books are strong and athletic, in control of their lives…until. That’s where the similarities end because Me Before You (which was also a wonderful movie) heads off in a totally different direction from His Special Angel. My story was also updated and revised for 2020 by this dyed in the wool romantic, me! It is now a traditional romance where attraction is central but not graphic. In other words, love behind closed doors/off the written page. This appeals widely to many, but I understand others like hotter books. That’s the beauty of choice.

Here’s the blurb:
One off-limits doc…one very special nurse

Mercy Inc.’s favorite nurse, Mallory Glenn, has always admired her boss from afar. As a working single mom, personal responsibility takes precedence over silly crushes, and the newly divorced doctor is strictly off-limits. Then tragedy strikes, and Mallory knows she must step in and care for the man who has always touched her heart.

J.T. Prescott is used to being active, strong and in control, so he doesn’t make the best patient. But he can’t deny the healing skills and tender touch of the annoyingly upbeat nurse, Mallory. Nor can he resist the temptation of this very special angel.


What I don’t say in the blurb is what makes JT in need of a full-time nurse. No, he wasn’t broken for life, like the hero in Me Before You.

JT contracted Guillaume Barre where the paralysis started in his feet and progressed up to his chest, forcing him to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. No that isn’t the entire story, and no he isn’t confined to a bed or wheelchair for the entire book. Now don’t let your imagination go nuts, remember I’m a romance writer and what’s my promise for each book?

I can’t hear you…


That’s right. The thing about GB syndrome is it can recede, and, of course in J.T. Prescott’s case, it does. But during those completely vulnerable and helpless days, he is cared for by Mallory Glenn, a nurse he’s known for years in a strictly platonic way from being a doctor on the hospital wards of Mercy, Inc., but he has never known her up close and personal like this before.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing their love story, and I hope you’ll give this couple a read.

March 17th is also print release day for the second book in my Taylor Sisters Trilogy – Date of a Lifetime. Look for it on the shelves in Walmart stores, B&N, and of course online at all the usual vendors. I love this cover! It’s up for preorder now, too.

I’ll talk more about this fun book on March 17th.




In the meantime, check out HIS SPECIAL ANGEL at Amazon.

Be careful during the Ides of March and have fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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