How Many Covers Can One Book Have?

North American version

North American version

UK E-book edition

UK E-book edition

On May 1st, Making the Surgeon Smile will be available at the Mills & Boon Website in the UK in e-book format and also as a 2 in 1 with Alison Roberts under Medical Romance. Here’s the third cover version. So many covers for one book!

2 in 1 version - in UK stores and online

2 in 1 version – in UK stores and online

I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from the first chapter:

Chapter One

Monday morning Polly Seymour dashed into the sparkling marble-tiled lobby of New York’s finest pediatric hospital, Angel’s. The subway from the lower East Side to Central Park had taken longer today, and the last thing she wanted to do was be late on her first day as a staff RN on the orthopedic ward.

Opting to take the six flights of stairs instead of fight for a spot in one of the overcrowded elevators, she took two steps at a time until she reached her floor. As she climbed, she thought through everything she’d learned the prior week during general hospital orientation. Main factoid: Angel Mendez Children’s
Hospital never turned a child away.

That was a philosophy she could believe in.

Heck, they’d even accepted her, the girl whose aunts and uncles used to refer to as “Poor Polly”. It used to make her feel like that homely vintage doll, Pitiful Pearl. But Angel’s had welcomed her to their nursing staff with open arms.

Blasting through the door, completely out of breath, she barreled onwards,
practically running down a man in a white doctor’s coat. Built like a football player, the rugged man with close-cropped more-silver-than-brown hair hardly flinched. He caught her by the shoulders and helped her regain her balance.

“Careful, dumpling,” he said, sounding like a Clint-Eastwood-style grizzled cowboy.

Mortified, her eyes shot wide open. Sucking in air, she could hardly speak.
“Sorry, Dr….” Her gaze shifted from his stern brown eyes to his name
badge. “Dr. John Griffin.” Oh, man, did that badge also say Orthopedic Department Director? He was her boss.

She knew the routine—first impressions were lasting impressions, and this one
would be a doozy. Without giving him another chance to call her “dumpling”—did
he think she was thirteen?—she pointed toward the hospital ward and took off,
leaving one last “Sorry” floating in her wake.

At the nurses’ station, she unwrapped her tightly wound sweater, removed her
shoulder bag and plopped them both on the counter. “I’m Polly Seymour. This is my first day. Is Brooke Hawkins here?”

The nonchalant ward clerk with an abundance of tiny braids all pulled back into
a ponytail lifted his huge chocolate-colored eyes, gave a forced smile and pointed across the ward. “The tall redhead,” he said, barely breaking stride from the lab orders he was entering in the computer.

Gathering her stuff, and still out of breath, Polly made a beeline for the nursing supervisor. Brooke’s welcome was warm and friendly, and included a wide smile, which helped settle the mass of butterflies winging through Polly’s stomach.

Brooke glanced at her watch. “You must be Polly and you’re early. I wasn’t expecting you until seven.”

“I didn’t want to miss the change-of-shift report, and I don’t have a clue where to put my stuff or which phone to clock in on.” Would she ever breathe normally again?

“Follow me,” Brooke said, heading toward another door, closer to the doctor. “I see you already ran into our department director, Dr. Griffin. Literally,” Brooke said, with playful eyes and a wink.

Polly put her hand to the side of her face, shielding her profile from the man several feet away and still watching her. “I think he thought I was a patient.”

“Did he smile at you?”


“Then he definitely thought you were one of our patients. He doesn’t smile for staff.”

End of excerpt.

This book is simultaneously releasing in UK and US, but the UK puts up the books at the website one month prior to actual time in the stores.  As many of you know, Medical Romances do not go on book shelves in stores in US and are only available (both in print or e-book) through all of the major bookselling websites, most especially   The book is also available for preorder at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

Just in case you wanted to see one more cover version of this book…her you go!

Australian version

Australian version

Until next time, make it a great one!


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12 Responses to How Many Covers Can One Book Have?

  1. Janie Emaus says:

    Well, at first I didn’t like the Australian version but on closer inspection, I think I’d like him as my doctor more than the other guy. Which did you like?

  2. Hi Janie!
    I must admit I’m crazy about the splashy blue cover with the Statue of Liberty and the hint of New York. I believe it captures the spirit of the series. Also, I prefer the handsome guy with the top of his head cut off because when I saw his hair on the gray background book, it wasn’t as appealing. (Am I picky or what?)

    As for the Australian guy – I find him charming and perhaps a bit older than my 39 y/o doc. However, I imagined Dermot Mulruney when I wrote Dr. Griffin. I think he lies somewhere in-between the two guys.

    Long answer! ha ha. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Robena Grant says:

    Love the covers! I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite as they all work. I’m drawn to the guy in the Aussie cover. He has a nice thoughtful expression.

    Love, love, love the excerpt. What a great ending: he doesn’t smile for staff. I have met and known many doctors like that. Ha ha. Can’t wait to read this.

    • Hi Robena –
      Writing a continuity is a completely different experience since the editors come up with the storyline and the authors have to make them their own. Left to my own resources, I doubt I ever would have created Polly and John, but once I delved into the job, I grew to love them.
      The editors loved that I had John calling her dumpling right off. So out of character for him with anyone but patients.

      Polly the people please.
      John the Curmudgeon.

      So glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  4. The UK covers–definitely! The other two are less eye appealing as they are the doc only. The Aussie doc looks a bit less appealing than the North American, but that just may be my penchant for fantasy doctors…lol.

    Thanks for sharing all these Lynne 🙂

    • admin says:

      That’s what I say, Christine – the fantasy doc image is best displayed on the flashy British cover. 🙂

      Thanks for chiming in.

  5. Woo hoo! Congrats Lynne! I love the UK versions with all the color. And your name and title really pop out! Loved the excerpt – you’ve got me hooked! I bet our doctor is gonna smile some more… 🙂

    • Hi Robin – thank you for reading the excerpt. I’m just going to say that Dr. John smiles alot at times, but has many relapses as the story goes on.

      I love the UK version the best, too.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Sam Beck says:

    I think the UK version wins for me too. I also like the blue background and the bit of NYC at the bottom. The “doc” on the Aus. cover is dreamy, but no…not 39! But he’s a real good whatever he is…43? 44? 🙂

    • Hi Sam – so we seem to be among the majority with liking the high quality blue cover. M&B really outdid themselves on the covers with this series of books. When I saw my 2-in-1 I prayed I’d get that guy for my e-book and I did!

      LOL about the Australian Johnny Griffin.

  7. Dee J. says:

    You’ve had a rash of great covers lately! Not a bad dilemma! LOL. Congrats on all of them, including ALL of these!!