Ah, the old philosophical question:

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Here’s another question. If a BOOK is released in the stores (March 17th!) but no one is going into those stores due to social distancing (#COVID19), does it exist?



I just checked Barnes & Noble website, and unbelievably they don’t list this book!!!! But it should be there. Oy, the joys of publishing.

I’m here to tell you it does EXIST. I know because I wrote this book and I even wrote a letter explaining why I wrote this particular story. Not to mention if a person read Cooking Up Romance, they probably learned about the secret sister aspect. Well, I’m here to tell you again, much more is discovered about the surprise sisters and how they came about in book #2. I’d also like to add there is an election going on in this story, the kind of election we might enjoy taking part in. Yes there is mischief and misdeeds on the part of one of the opponents in said election, but nothing like the partisanship running rampant in the real world. So think of it as an escapists election. One we can all stomach, maybe even laugh about. In a fun way.

Dear Reader,
Can you pinpoint one moment in time, where a decision or an action changed your life? It may not have happened immediately but looking back we can see how that one act or decision changed our path. Hopefully for good. I suspect most of us can. I know for a fact Evangelina DeLongpre can! Working for a nonprofit called Dreams Come True, she had the wonderful job of changing people’s lives every day. Little did Eva know, with one special request from a sweet senior citizen, that her life would also be changed. Forever.

Joe Aguirre just wanted to get reelected mayor of his beloved small city, but his campaign manager’s lofty plans to increase Joe’s poll standings turned out to be that life changer I’ve been talking about. Once Joe said yes to the date, things would never be the same again.

I hope you enjoy reading Eva and Joe’s story, where you’ll have a front row seat watching the fallout and chaos play out from one seemingly simple wish being granted. A wish that turns out to be a Date of a Lifetime.

And if you’re getting hooked on the unfolding secrets around the Taylor sisters, watch for the final book in print April 15th and e-book May 1st.

Happy reading,

Take care everyone. Remember social distancing, and wish us Boomers luck as we self-isolate.

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