Mary’s Tiny House + Book Giveaway

In my current release MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON (Harlequin Medical Romance) Mary Harris, the heroine, lives in a tiny house.

If you’ve watched the TV series Tiny Houses, you know what I’m talking about.  These miniature houses are usually under 300 square feet, and sometimes are as tiny as 100 square feet.  Most of us wouldn’t know how to live in such small spaces, but some people move their families into these houses to prove we don’t need nearly as much room or stuff as we all think we do, and, more importantly, to help the environment by being less wasteful. Can you imagine fitting your belongings into a tiny house?

The reason Mary lives in a tiny house is because she is a Physical Therapist who only takes temporary assignments. Instead of living in extended stay motels, or go through the hassle of short term rentals, she has a 250 foot square foot house designed and built to her specifications. When she was a child, she had zero control over her living environment, but now she’s designed every inch. That’s part of Mary’s way to take control of her life.

Some might ask, why not get an RV or fifth wheel?  The difference is a tiny house feels more like an actual house and often has an outside that looks like a regular house but tiny, often even having a porch!  A tiny house is usually built in one spot, though some are meant to be portable. Mary’s was, anyway.  For her it felt like the home she never had. Plus, from growing up in a trailer, she knows how to live small.

Wes Van Allen knew Mary when she lived in a run down trailer park back in her teens, so he is fascinated to see she’s arrived on his doorstep pulling her own, unique-looking, home on the back of her small sport truck. When he asks why live the vagabond life, she reminds him she’d never had a single vacation growing up, there was a lot of world out there to see, so why not travel for work?

One of my favorite scenes in the book was the night Wes came to visit Mary in her tiny house, and she cooked him dinner.

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From doctor…to daddy? 

Neurosurgeon Wes Van Allen is used to being at the top of his game, so when an accident puts him in a wheelchair, he’ll push himself to the limit to regain his strength—he just needs a physical therapist who can keep up!

Enter Mary Harris, whose sweet kisses he’s never forgotten! She’ll help Wes achieve his dream, if he helps her achieve hers—a baby! Captivated by Mary’s sunny optimism, dare Wes hope for the ultimate miracle—a family, with Mary by his side?

Do you know anyone who lives in a tiny house?  Do you think you could live in one?  Leave a comment for a chance to win one of my backlist Medical Romances, or my latest digital book (my first book for Tule publishing) Her Baby, His Love.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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3 Responses to Mary’s Tiny House + Book Giveaway

  1. Cathy Shouse says:

    I have a fascination with tiny houses! Would love to read your book!

    • Cathy, if you read this, you win since no one else commented. lol
      I am happy to send a digital copy of Her Baby, His Love, or a print copy of either His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty OR Wedding Date With the Army Doc. Your call.
      Let me know!

  2. Hi Cathy – great to hear from you. I am also fascinated with tiny houses, and that’s why I put one in Miracle for the Neurosurgeon.
    Thanks for commenting!