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The Christmas season is a special time of year. Ideally, it’s the season of happiness and goodwill toward others. With that in mind, I was hesitant to give my lovely Stephanie Bennett such a difficult and haunting past to overcome. As for carefree Phil Hansen—well, it just seemed cruel to put him through such an emotional roller coaster by simultaneously dropping two not-so-perfect people into his life. However, I’m a writer, and it is my job to make life difficult for my characters, so with my editor’s blessing I laid it on thick in One Christmas He Never Expected.

Stephanie needs a change of scenery for the holidays, and Phil is coerced into filling in as a caregiver for his preschool-aged half brother. Unbeknownst to both Stephanie and Phil, these story elements are the perfect ingredients for a Christmas miracle in the making.

I hope you enjoy this Santa Barbara Sunsets Christmas story, Book #3, the wrap-up book for people from the local clinic: His Second Chance at Forever, More than He Bargained For and One Christmas He Never Expected. I’ve grown to love my imaginary friends at the clinic, and I’m so happy I could help them all find their happy ever afters.

OUT NOW! Book #3 in the Santa Barbara Sunsets trilogy


Book Blurb:

Phil Hansen has a reputation as a playboy. One look at the new OB doc, and he wants to find the nearest mistletoe. What could be better than kicking off the holiday season with a fling? Except he sees heartbreak in her eyes.

Stephanie Bennett may be dazzled by laid-back Phil’s charm, and though she is long overdue for romance, she’s not ready to put her heart on the line again. Soon swayed by his “love is the best medicine” attitude, she gives in and comes alive in his arms.

Can the magic of the Christmas season help two reluctant hearts fall in love?

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