Real Men Aren’t Afraid To Dance! by Lynne Marshall

Why Dance?

Recently I had a conversation with my son who is young and single and who isn’t afraid to learn to salsa and tango.  I was very happy to hear this news since so many guys out there don’t seem to know how to move a woman around a dance floor.  He’s no fool, either, because while his buddies are stuck at the bar observing, he’ll be out dancing and meeting women – who love to dance!  His secret?  All you have to know are the basic steps, then let the lady do all the fancy stuff.  Pretty smart right?

I remember several years back, a wonderful country song by Martina McBride called I Hope You’ll Dance.  That song moved me to tears the first time I heard it, because the message was so true and important. “If you have a choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.” That was my metaphoric wish for both of my kids regarding life, and also more specifically since dancing is one of the most wonderful ways to express ourselves and connect with emotions locked inside.  Not to mention being up close and personal with, hopefully, a person of interest.

What If

When it came to writing my current book for The Wild Rose Press, An IndiscretionI had an image of two young and awkward mid-teens in cotillion class.  What if this young couple, a rich girl and a boy whose mother works for the girl’s father, develop a tender crush, only to have that crush stomped on by big daddy?  And big rich daddy goes even farther by humiliating the boy, accusing him of stealing in front of the girl and all his friends. He goes so far as to have the young man arrested. That idea grew to be the backdrop for this book.  Spring forward thirteen years, and the real story begins.

Men Who Dance Are Sexy

I’ve always found men who dance to be very sexy. Also, men in the medical profession have added appeal, so picture a dark, handsome doctor who knows how to rumba named Paul Valverde, and well, be still my heart!  Most of this book takes place in a hospital but several key scenes are in a dance studio. CarringtonHanoverstill remembers the special feeling a handsome young man gave her when they danced together in cotillion class all those years ago, and when she secretly pursues her passion for dancing, a big surprise is in store for her.

A doctor… A nurse… An Indiscretion


Here is an excerpt:

Carrington sat mesmerized by the colorful spectacle before her. So drawn into the blistering dancing, she jumped when Paul touched her wrist and took her hand in his.

Not quite sure what to do about the condition of her hand enfolded in his, she decided to relax and enjoy the heady feel of his palm against hers.

The powerful music and dancing stirred her, but not nearly as much as the feel of Paul’s skin flush with hers. His long fingers laced through hers and drew her hand toward his mouth. He stared into her eyes and kissed the pad below her thumb, then smiled in a way she’d never seen him smile before as he placed his lips to the palm of her hand. Heat and desire radiated from his eyes, and it transferred through his mouth and up her arm.

Carrington’s throat tightened. But her body reacted in a completely different way. The constant pounding of the dancer’s feet and the fiery music made her skin heat up. If she were being honest, she would admit that the source of the stoking fire was the point of contact with Paul’s lips.

What had she gotten herself into? A long day at work. Two difficult procedures. Dinner with her boss. The most incredible paella and sangria she’d ever tasted. Maybe a bit too much sangria. Exciting flamenco music and dancing. And Paul.

She closed her eyes and inhaled, only to realize he was lifting her hair from her neck. The kiss at the curve of her shoulder sent chills scattering up her scalp and across her chest. Her breasts tightened and pebbled, and she enjoyed a desire she hadn’t felt in a long, long time. Liquid heat pooled between her thighs. How in the world could one gentle kiss, placed in the perfect spot on her shoulder, make her so turned on?

It wasn’t the kiss. It was Paul. Still the most incredible male she’d ever met.

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2 Responses to Real Men Aren’t Afraid To Dance! by Lynne Marshall

  1. Nas says:

    Loved this excerpt. It was a very beautiful moment in the story when she realizes that he is still the ‘one!’

  2. Hi Nas!
    Thank you so much. I felt the dance scenes were the most sensual of all in An Indiscretion. I loved researching and writing them, and I loved putting Paul and Carrington back on the dance floor.

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend.