Road Trip! Part three

The Marshall Memo 5/23/11

Exactly what is hero material?

The response to that question is probably as varied as the people being asked.  When I began writing ONE FOR THE ROAD I had a guy in mind.  A big guy.  You know what I mean, the kind of man who enters a room and takes up a whole lot of space because he’s so dang tall?  Many years ago, I dated a guy who was six feet four and being a mere five feet four, it was impossible to dance with him. Even on my tippy toes my chin came somewhere below his shoulder and I felt like he’d swallowed me up and I was smothering in his jacket.  Well, Tyler White is such a guy – Big!

Tyler White has thrown together another country band.  Humbled by a downhill spiral since his one hit record ten years before, he’s armed with several new tunes, and vows to do whatever it takes to get back into the limelight.  Tyler hopes this road tour—three weeks of county fairs, honky-tonks and Country-Western clubs, ending with one night in Las Vegas as an opening act for another falling star—will re-ignite his near nonexistent career.  But in order to pay the band, he needs cheap transportation.

In case you’re wondering how this big hunk of a man looks, here’s something close to what I had in mind:

And by the way, as big as Tyler is, his heart is even bigger…

Week one I wrote about the RV for ONE FOR THE ROAD. 5/2/11

Week two I told you who Tyler’s momma was named after. 5/9/11

Week three I introduced you to D’Anne, the owner of the 40 foot deluxe RV. 5/16/11

And today, Week four, I’ve just explained what brings Tyler and D’Anne into each other’s lives.

D’Anne Palmer leads a life others dream of until she’s widowed, broke, and must return to California by hiring out her Deluxe RV. One-hit-wonder Tyler White hopes his three-week tour will recharge his career. Journeying from Nashville to Las Vegas, can close quarters help a has-been singer and the widow with California style find love?

Are you ready to join Tyler White on his comeback tour?

Next weekMeet The Tyler White Band

Until then, make it a great one!


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8 Responses to Road Trip! Part three

  1. Mona Risk says:

    Hi Lynne, may I borrow your Tyler, pretty please? He’s looking straight at me with a special gaze that says ‘come closer, swetie.’ I love his smile. Okay when the book out? I’m ready to fall in his arms.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Mona! The heroine D’Anne eventually felt the same way…

      Thanks for reading and commenting. : )

  2. Vonnie Davis says:

    Lovely blog. Handsome guy. Sexy smile. Wishing you great sales of your book.

  3. Nas says:

    Oh, I’m already in love with Tyler! I’ll enjoy his journy to love very much!

  4. robena grant says:

    I always get Alan Jackson and Trace Adkins mixed up. I can’t recall AJ’s songs but I know a few of TA’s, mainly the Honky Tonk badonkadonk song. I know I’m real classy. : ) AJ is cute, and I could see him as your Tyler, kind of a gentle giant.

    • Hi Robena!
      Alan Jackson sang It’s Five O’clock Somewhere, and Remember When. He has a smooth voice that works just as well with Waltz’s as it does with drinkin’ songs. LOL.

      Now, Trace, well he’s a bad bad boy… ; )