Today is probably one of the most stressful days of any given year. Tax returns deadline day! I can’t change that one bit, but I can offer some distraction, that is AFTER you’ve completed and submitted your taxes.

It’s also a big day for me.




The third book in the Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach trilogy is out in print and in stores as of today: REUNITED WITH THE SHERIFF



It will be available in e-book format on May 1st.



Dear Reader,
Where would we be without second chances in life? We’re far too human to always get things right the first time around. Sometimes we need a few more years under our belts before we wise up and see what we’ve missed. Other times, someone else makes a decision that we have no control over, and we suffer the consequences. The most important thing is to seize that opportunity to get it right when it comes around again.

Fortunately, in Reunited with the Sheriff, Conor Delaney and Shelby Lynn Brookes get that second chance. Both may be older and wiser, but are they also willing to admit their mistakes? As always, when two people remember the same situation—in this case a lifetime of friendship that turned to love early on, and continued with a special promise—they both have their own take. Where Conor thought he was being supportive of Shelby’s dream to become a chef, Shelby felt he was pushing her away. When Shelby wants to start over, Conor doesn’t think it’s possible to erase the past.

The beautiful Mills & Boon UK bookcover

That leaves the big question: Will these two meant-to-be lovebirds get over their issues to give their romance another try? Stick around for some surprises, fireworks, and that guaranteed happily-ever-after, Conor and Shelby style.

Here’s what Conor and Shelby looked like to me as I wrote this story, which was a particularly difficult book to write, by the way.




As you can see, they look quite different on the book cover.


I’d also like to remind folks that this Sunday, April 22nd, I’ll be signing and giving away copies of the first Delaney story – FOREVER A FATHER at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books booth 937 from 2-5 p.m.







Hope to see you there!


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