Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know…about One for the Road

Ten Things You May Not Know About ONE FOR THE ROAD by Lynne Marshall

1.  A wacky license plate is a cross D’Anne must bear daily when she drives her VW.

2.  D’Anne makes a list for the band to abide by while traveling with her, then breaks the biggest no-no herself.
3.  One of the band, Bear, is a fount of trivia.
4.  As the author, I got to write two songs for the book. (Yup, I even have tunes for them.)
5.  There’s  a southern Barbie Bimbo in the story who may just steal your heart and become your hero.
6.  Tyler’s mother was named after my mother, and I dedicate the book to my mom.
7.  A young journalist comes up with a headline after an interview with Tyler that just might change his life.
8.  The heartbreaker of the band, J.T., gets his comeuppance.
9.  D’Anne does something in the desert she’d never ever do back home.

10.  Dexter, Tyler’s dog, helps save the day!

COFFEE TIME ROMANCE gave One for the Road 4 Cups

“I was very pleasantly surprised by this story. The blurb does not do it justice. The story is well written with vivid and lively characters and an awesome love story. The two main characters have been battered by life and are wary of taking a chance on love again. The author does a magnificent job of describing life in an RV with four very different musicians and a dog. The side plot of the mystery of the missing money really keeps things moving and the love story is excellent. I loved the band members and Marlene the trailer park owner. Bear’s trivia, J.T.’s love life, and RB’s pompadour are all great, but the best parts are always the interactions between D’Anne and Tyler, two people with enough experience to know something special when they find it. This is a great love story with a fun mystery thrown in.”

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

I hope I have enticed you to read the book, and hopefully haven’t given too much of the story away!

Anyone who has read the book and would like to receive a free epilogue of One for the Road, which doesn’t appear in the book, contact me at my website(www.lynnemarshall.com)and I’ll send you a pdf.

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