The Marshall Memo- 10-1-12 to 10-8-12

Meet my next single title book                                            TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT                                       due out October 19th

Dissolve the partnership…or renegotiate between the sheets?

If you enjoy reunion stories set along the Maine seaside in the fall, with a panic prone business mogul and her small town Chief of Police ex-husband, over-forty romance, second chances, an unsolved drug case, snoopy travel journalists, B&Bs, and a dog named Roger, this book might just be for you!

Blurb:  Joy Waltham is stressed out. Before she can expand her business empire, she needs her ex-husband’s signature dissolving his silent partnership. A trip to Maine to find her ex, get the signature, and chill out seems ideal. But instead of relaxing, Joy winds up in the middle of a mystery—and wrapped in the overprotective arms of Comfort’s chief of police—her ex-husband.

After retiring from LAPD, Paul Donovan took charge of tiny Comfort’s police department. Bored senseless, he’s still not ready for chaos in the form of his ex-wife shaking up his life. Joy arrives just in time to meddle in his investigation of a string of accidental deaths. Now forced to work together, Joy and Paul confront some unexpected challenges.

It’s emotional deja vu as they dig through their thorny past, reawaken old sexual attraction, and face the fact they never stopped loving each other.


“It could have been crazy,” she said, straightening her shirt.

Paul didn’t believe her. She read it in his expression. They had no business reopening their past, and that was exactly what they’d do if they got it on right here right now. She stared at him, desire whispering for a reprieve. Joy cleared her head with a sigh. He swallowed. So did she.

He patted her hip, a sure sign that the party was over. “Let’s go.”

Not quite understanding what had come over her in the first place, she attempted to sound upbeat. “Well, it was fun while it lasted.”

She pulled up her corduroy pants while Paul backed out of the car, ass first. He tucked in his shirt and pulled off his knit cap then scratched his head. He made a sound in his throat like a quiet self-deprecating curse. With lips drawn tight, and eyes crinkled at the corners, he stepped back while she crawled out.

“So what’d we learn from this?”

He didn’t waste a beat as he opened the passenger door for her. “That I had no business bringing you out here.”

She stopped close by his face, and ran her hand along the jaw that had just rubbed her cheek raw. She caught a whiff of his aftershave mixed with a surge of testosterone, and wished she’d had the chance to breathe more of him. “You’re right, Mr. Straight and Narrow,” she said, staring at him, her mouth still tingling from his kisses. “This was probably a mistake. Heaven forbid we should have some mind-numbing sex for old time’s sake.”

Release date October 19, 2012!

Available now for preorder at these websites:                                                                      Amazon                                                                                                                                                The Wild Rose Press                                                                                                                                                                                        Amazon

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8 Responses to The Marshall Memo- 10-1-12 to 10-8-12

  1. Vonnie Davis says:

    Less than twenty days until I can read this. Can’t wait! Loved the excerpt. Poor Paul, he won’t know what hit him, will he? LOL Love it!!!

    • Hi Vonnie!
      Oh, I’m so glad you’re interested in reading this book. It is truly the book of my heart, like your Storm’s Interlude. There is a mystery and some fun high-jinx – you know how I like to throw a bit of humor into my stories! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your support, Vonnie.

  2. Lisa Rayns says:

    It looks great, Lynne!

  3. Looking forward to this one! Berst wishes, Lynne. It sounds great.

  4. robena grant says:

    It’s a fabulous story. I was so honored to read the ARC.
    Love the cover artwork, and your photos in the post are gorgeous. It makes me hanker for a trip back east to get the change of seasons. Our summer has been too long this year.

    • Thank you so much Robena. I am thrilled that you enjoyed this story. yeah, I wouldn’t mind a trip back east for some Fall foliage about now, either! I’d like to need to put on a sweater and a scarf, maybe even some gloves before I went for a walk, instead of sunscreen. 🙂

      Bigstock has the best pictures! I highly recommend them for blog photos. If you buy a batch of credits they are more affordable, too. Less than 2 buck per picture. I know it adds up, but it’s better than a lawsuit over a picture from the Internet! 🙂