The Medic’s Homecoming – Dear Reader letter and excerpt

bigstock-Reading-woman-laying-in-a-park-28910426Dear Reader,

I’m so happy to share Lucas Grady’s story with you in The Medic’s Homecoming.  He is Anne Grady’s younger brother from my debut Special Edition, March 2012, Courting His Favorite Nurse.

Lucas is a good man who has served his country, but who has come home with some extra baggage on board.  Good thing there’s a girl next door named Jocelyn, who sees more in him than he sees in himself.

I don’t know about you, but I love friends to lover stories because they can get so complicated—hey, what are these new feelings I have for you? You used to be that pest next door, now, well, you look pretty darn great! Throw in some obstacles like PTSD for one, an abusive ex-boyfriend for another, plus a meddling—with good intentions—family, and watch the fireworks explode.

Regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I hope I have honored in this book the uphill struggles of those affected by PTSD.  I know each person’s journey is different, and I tried to be realistic yet upbeat in the telling of The Medic’s Homecoming.

So come along with me, welcome back to Whispering Oaks, get reacquainted with the Grady clan, especially Lucas, and meet that girl next door, Jocelyn.

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For an excerpt of the book go here

Happy reading!


One book, two cover versions – the one on the left is the Harlequin Special Edition version, and the one on the right is the United Kingdom M&B Cherish version.









Harlequin Special Edition                                                M&B Cherish

Which do you prefer, the couple or the smoldering stare?



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