Why I Love Nurse Protagonists by Lynne Marshall

The blog tour for COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE is coming to an end this week, when I pay a visit to Romance Book Haven Tuesday, March 27th.  I hope to see you there.

Today’s blog is a replay of my visit to the Book Bordello where I spoke about why I love writing nurse protagonists, and it begins with a test!

Pop Quiz

Why is Lynne Marshall partial to nurse protagonists?                                                      Because:

  • She was a Registered Nurse for twenty-six years.
  • She knows how dedicated RNs are to their jobs
  • RNs are natural nurturers
  • She has a big imagination and has a million “what if” stories running around in her head featuring a nurse and often including a doctor.
  • She loves the tradition of doctor nurse stories

If you chose any of the above answers, you’d be correct. 🙂

Two Books Are Better Than One!

I am one lucky lady to have not one, but two books out in March, both featuring RNs as the main character.

Anne Grady is the protagonist for COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE my debut Harlequin Special Edition available February 21st and in stores in theU.S. for the month of March.

Anne must return home after a motorcycle accident has left both of her parents injured, and in need of her help. She left Whispering Oaks twelve years ago as a broken hearted teenager and, after completing her nursing degree, she never returned. Anne looks at her parents, the people she loves dearly, and realizes she’s almost lost both of them, and the thought makes her wonder why she’s stayed away so long. Her next thought reveals the reason: Jack Lightfoot.



Carrington Hanover is the protagonist for AN INDISCRETION a contemporary romance with medical elements from The Wild Rose Press available in e-book only beginning March 21st.

Carrington is happy to be a nurse. She has led a privileged life but has walked away from her father’s money after her mother dies from cancer, and vows to live within her own means. Now, her grandfather turns her life upside down when he bequeaths her a million dollars. Realizing on her wedding day that her fiancé has dollar signs in his eyes instead of love, she runs away to St. Stephen’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Here, she plans to keep secret her inheritance. A man must love her for her alone, not her money – her self-respect is in the balance. But she must work with a doctor she’d known as a teenager in cotillion classes, a boy who’d been accused of stealing from her father – Dr. Paul Valverde.

The Runaway Nurse Syndrome

You may have noticed a theme going on here. Both characters, Anne and Carrington, are runaways. Anne leaves home because she can’t take the pain and memories there.  Carrington runs away from her marriage plans because she’s sick of people only wanting her for her money.

Heroes with benefits

With two heroines such as Anne and Carrington, it takes one special guy/hero to help make things right again. It has been a long time coming for both couples, and when Anne and Jack, and Carrington and Paul finally get together, well…

What they’re saying about:

Courting His Favorite Nurse  “A touching story that will tug at the heartstrings.” Romantic Times 4 Stars

COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE is a heartwarming romance overflowing with emotional conflicts and unspoken desires.”Cataromance 4.5 stars

An Indiscretion  “Lynne Marshall has written a first-rate romantic read that will make readers smile as well as shed a tear.” Nas Dean, Romance BookParadise

Question for blog readers:  What is your favorite medical drama TV show?  Do you enjoy reading about medical professionals in books?

One commenter will get to choose which e-book version they’d like as a gift from Amazon or B&N. If you’re not into e-reading, I will provide a print copy of one of my back list Medical Romances from Mills & Boon.

Thanks for reading, and until next week, make it a great one!



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