You Can Put a Hat on a Country Singer, but it Doesn’t Make Him a Cowboy!

This past week, I was a guest at Paty Jager’s western themed blog.  Here is the replay:

Country singers often like to think of themselves as modern day cowboys.  Though there may be a few similarities between the two, in reality, cowboys and country singers aren’t even kissing cousins twice removed.  Here are a few reasons why.
Rodeo circuit: Cowboys work the rodeo circuit riding bucking broncos and bulls, roping and tying cows and calves, and dodging charging animals and weird clowns. Country singers go on road tours taming rowdy crowds, dodging wild fans, and having to deal with the occasional heckling clown.  The road trip is long and tiring for both cowboys and country singers.

Roping: The only thing country singers know about lariats is lassoing in a crowd with a few good songs and an entertaining show.

Wrangling: Cowboys spend the day in the saddle herding cattle.  Country singers spend
the day in their Wranglers shopping for western styled clothes for the next concert.

Singing: After a long day on the trail, cowboys like to sing a song or two around a campfire.  After a long concert, the only thing a country singer wants to do is get

Breaking a wild stallion: This is one of the most dangerous jobs for a real cowboy. Many female country fans dream of taming the wild stallion on the stage, also a
dangerous job, and often they wind up getting bucked off and left on their backs.

Chuck Wagon food: Hardy, greasy food, aka “chuck,” to fill up the cowboy after a long day on the trail.  Country singers eat greasy spoon food at the nearest diner after a long day on the road.


Cowboy hats:  The cowboy hat was originally made to protect from extremes of weather, such as sun and rain.  Its useful wide brim works great for fanning campfires and is easy to spot waving down another cowboy across the dusty trail.  Whether wearing a Cattleman, a Stetson, or a Shady, the only thing country singers wear cowboy hats for, is to look sexy.  And they do!

What similarities or differences do you find between cowboys and country singers?

ONE FOR THE ROAD by Lynne Marshall, features a has-been country singer named Tyler White on the lookout for cheap transportation to make his comeback tour, and forty-six year old D’Anne Palmer, an unsuspecting widow with a forty-foot RV.

D’Anne Palmer leads a life others dream of until she’s widowed and broke. Now she must return to California by hiring out her deluxe RV. One-hit wonder Tyler White hopes his three-week tour will recharge his career. Journeying from Nashville to Las Vegas, can close quarters help a has-been singer and the widow with California style find love?

On the wildest detour of her life, D’Anne learns there’s no place like home, BUT home is where the heart is.
Check out a One for the Road excerpt here

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Until next week – make it a great one!


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One Response to You Can Put a Hat on a Country Singer, but it Doesn’t Make Him a Cowboy!

  1. robena grant says:

    Well, I’d say they both look awesome in their blue jeans, front and rear view. : ) Seriously there is just something so yummy about both a real cowboy and his less dusty country western singer cousin.
    I’m in L.A. Hope to catch up with you at the meeting. I took your advice and blogged about scams after experiencing another on Thursday, and then yesterday there was a third one. What a crazy world, huh?