USA Today Bestselling Author, Lynne Marshall, grew up in Los Angeles wanting to become a dancer, and studied theater arts. Life had other plans…

When I got a job in a hospital, reality checked in and I went back to school to become an RN. I met a man I wanted to marry and embarked on parenthood.

When my two children had the audacity to grow up, I was left bursting with creative energy and with no one to shower it on. It was then I parlayed my lifelong love of reading into a desire to write. Between you and me, I’d assumed I had a serious problem with daydreaming. Who were these people and stories parading through my mind’s eye? I was happy with my life. I was practical—a registered nurse for over 20 years– married to the man I loved. Yet…these mysterious people and plots plagued me…daily.

The story of my heart came kicking and screaming out of my head in 2000. I had a choice to either write it down or go loopy. In all honesty, I think a little of both happened when I discovered it was a romance. Me? A romance writer? Yes, the snooty little b- word applied to my attitude about such things back then. When I got honest, I realized my favorite part of books had always been the love story, and any book worth its cover price has a love story weaved through the plot, right?

My husband thought I was having an on-line affair when I began spending hours and hours before my computer typing away. When I confessed my goal and he realized that I was pursuing my dream of writing a novel, he offered his complete support.

In 2001, with completed manuscript in hand, I found the Romance Writers of America, entered the world of genre writing, and never looked back. What an intriguing journey it has been; I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Through writers’ groups, national and local conferences, and university affiliated extension courses, I honed my craft. I also discovered the most wonderful network of supportive people, many of whom have become first class friends. I considered each phase of my newbie writer’s life a blessing.

After almost six years of actively seeking publication, I got “the call” from across the pond on November 8th 2005 at 7:30 a.m. Harlequin Mills & Boon wanted to buy one of my books! Yes, my husband was the first to know, and later that day, my wonderful critique partners cheered along while I squealed and pinched myself.

When I’m not writing I love to read, and take day trips and vacations with my husband. We love to explore cities we’ve never been to before. I also like to see movies and eat out–Italian and Mexican restaurants are my favorites. For exercise I work out at the YMCA, especially loving the slow yoga and chair yoga classes, and take daily walks with Mr. Milo, my terrier mix. I find brisk walking helps stimulate my imagination, and I’ve often solved writing dilemmas or have come up with new ideas for books trudging up hills and marching across parks.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the romance and women’s fiction market. Of all the genres out there, romance rules the day. Perhaps it’s because in a world that oftentimes gives us little encouragement, romance stories always end with hope. As I’ve learned over the years, hope is the candle that guides us through the dark and lonely patches in life.

January 2020:

P.S. It is a dark and lonely time for romance writers. I know with all my heart love overcomes all. RWA may cease to exist, but romance authors of all colors will still be the most generous writers in the world.

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