With the publication of The Reluctant Fiancée, my thirtieth book for Harlequin, the Taylor Sisters Saga is complete. I’m so happy they’re all together now.

This was the hardest book to write with so many threads to weave and ends to tie. It was also the most difficult to edit, because unbeknownst to be I’d made my lovely hero a bit too manipulating to be liked. (As pointed out by my editor) Eesh! So after extensive revisions, this book got the nod. Being in the good editorial hands of Megan Broderick, this book is all I’d hoped and wanted it to be. So, for those who have read the first two stories, have at it with this one. If you haven’t read Cooking Up Romance or Date of a Lifetime, you can still read this book as a stand alone. But so much of the fun of reading this trilogy is following the journey of three sisters separated at birth, who knew there was something missing in their lives, and who finally found each other.

Have I told you lately how I love happily ever after endings?

COVID-19 is upon us, and there couldn’t be a better time to read.

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Then Came Fortune

This is the year I decided to retire. I called it Lynne’s Big Year.

With six books scheduled to come out, the May 2020 Special Edition (See cover below) being my 30th for Harlequin, and thirty being a nice round number, it seemed like the right time. (Available for print purchase April 21st)



By the way, book #2, Date of a Lifetime, goes live today in digital format. Read all about surprise twin Eva’s story and watch her fall in love. Read more about it here.



Date of a Lifetime is also being featured on Harlequin Junkie blog in an author Spotlight Today, April 1st, no kidding. There is a book giveaway involved, so please check it out!

Now back to my story.

I’d finished The Reluctant Fiancée in October, (the third and final Taylor Sister’s book) and the revisions were tough. I jokingly referred to it to my editor as the book from hell. That helped reinforce my forming decisions to retire. FYI, writing books is a hard job.  Who needed the headache, the heartache, the torture of writing and revising books, for crying out loud. Not me! Not anymore.

So my plans were reinforced and I enjoyed Christmas without any pressure to turn in a new proposal. Then came January and…


I’d been offered a book in the long-running >Fortunes of Texas< continuity for Harlequin Special Edition. This series of six books, mine being #4, would be released in April 2021. Was I interested?

Apparently, Hell yeah!

So I’d failed the first test of retirement and signed the contract.

But that finished book is due August 1st 2020, and this is still the year I can retire if I want to.

And yes, I know today is April 1st.

To be continued…

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Ah, the old philosophical question:

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Here’s another question. If a BOOK is released in the stores (March 17th!) but no one is going into those stores due to social distancing (#COVID19), does it exist?



I just checked Barnes & Noble website, and unbelievably they don’t list this book!!!! But it should be there. Oy, the joys of publishing.

I’m here to tell you it does EXIST. I know because I wrote this book and I even wrote a letter explaining why I wrote this particular story. Not to mention if a person read Cooking Up Romance, they probably learned about the secret sister aspect. Well, I’m here to tell you again, much more is discovered about the surprise sisters and how they came about in book #2. I’d also like to add there is an election going on in this story, the kind of election we might enjoy taking part in. Yes there is mischief and misdeeds on the part of one of the opponents in said election, but nothing like the partisanship running rampant in the real world. So think of it as an escapists election. One we can all stomach, maybe even laugh about. In a fun way.

Dear Reader,
Can you pinpoint one moment in time, where a decision or an action changed your life? It may not have happened immediately but looking back we can see how that one act or decision changed our path. Hopefully for good. I suspect most of us can. I know for a fact Evangelina DeLongpre can! Working for a nonprofit called Dreams Come True, she had the wonderful job of changing people’s lives every day. Little did Eva know, with one special request from a sweet senior citizen, that her life would also be changed. Forever.

Joe Aguirre just wanted to get reelected mayor of his beloved small city, but his campaign manager’s lofty plans to increase Joe’s poll standings turned out to be that life changer I’ve been talking about. Once Joe said yes to the date, things would never be the same again.

I hope you enjoy reading Eva and Joe’s story, where you’ll have a front row seat watching the fallout and chaos play out from one seemingly simple wish being granted. A wish that turns out to be a Date of a Lifetime.

And if you’re getting hooked on the unfolding secrets around the Taylor sisters, watch for the final book in print April 15th and e-book May 1st.

Happy reading,

Take care everyone. Remember social distancing, and wish us Boomers luck as we self-isolate.

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It’s March already. Where has the time gone?

BE SURE TO VOTE!Tomorrow, March 3rd, is super Tuesday in USA where several states hold primary elections for the presidential election. I’ll be voting. What about you?

Tomorrow is also release day for His Special Angel, book #2 in the Mercy, Inc. trilogy.

I originally wrote this book in 2007, long before I read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Not that the books are similar, except for one aspect. The heroes in both books are strong and athletic, in control of their lives…until. That’s where the similarities end because Me Before You (which was also a wonderful movie) heads off in a totally different direction from His Special Angel. My story was also updated and revised for 2020 by this dyed in the wool romantic, me! It is now a traditional romance where attraction is central but not graphic. In other words, love behind closed doors/off the written page. This appeals widely to many, but I understand others like hotter books. That’s the beauty of choice.

Here’s the blurb:
One off-limits doc…one very special nurse

Mercy Inc.’s favorite nurse, Mallory Glenn, has always admired her boss from afar. As a working single mom, personal responsibility takes precedence over silly crushes, and the newly divorced doctor is strictly off-limits. Then tragedy strikes, and Mallory knows she must step in and care for the man who has always touched her heart.

J.T. Prescott is used to being active, strong and in control, so he doesn’t make the best patient. But he can’t deny the healing skills and tender touch of the annoyingly upbeat nurse, Mallory. Nor can he resist the temptation of this very special angel.


What I don’t say in the blurb is what makes JT in need of a full-time nurse. No, he wasn’t broken for life, like the hero in Me Before You.

JT contracted Guillaume Barre where the paralysis started in his feet and progressed up to his chest, forcing him to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. No that isn’t the entire story, and no he isn’t confined to a bed or wheelchair for the entire book. Now don’t let your imagination go nuts, remember I’m a romance writer and what’s my promise for each book?

I can’t hear you…


That’s right. The thing about GB syndrome is it can recede, and, of course in J.T. Prescott’s case, it does. But during those completely vulnerable and helpless days, he is cared for by Mallory Glenn, a nurse he’s known for years in a strictly platonic way from being a doctor on the hospital wards of Mercy, Inc., but he has never known her up close and personal like this before.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing their love story, and I hope you’ll give this couple a read.

March 17th is also print release day for the second book in my Taylor Sisters Trilogy – Date of a Lifetime. Look for it on the shelves in Walmart stores, B&N, and of course online at all the usual vendors. I love this cover! It’s up for preorder now, too.

I’ll talk more about this fun book on March 17th.




In the meantime, check out HIS SPECIAL ANGEL at Amazon.

Be careful during the Ides of March and have fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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February used to be known for Presidents’ Birthdays, Black History and Valentines. But I looked around the internet and discovered there are far too many celebrations burying what should be THE LEAD.



Here is a sample in no particular order:
• American Heart Month
• An Affair to Remember Month
• Black History Month
• Canned Food Month
• Creative Romance Month
• Great American Pie Month
• National Bird Feeding Month
• National Cherry Month
• National Children’s Dental Health Month
• National Grapefruit Month
• National Weddings Month
• Spunky Old Broads Month

Though many are important, and I do admit the Spunky Old Broads Month does sound intriguing, I’d prefer to stick with the short list, thank you very much. Presidents, Black History, and Valentines.

However, since I’m writing the blog today, February 2nd, I cannot ignore Groundhog Day. Newsflash! Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. Yay!

Copyright information: By Cephas – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Since I’m a romance writer, I can’t help but focus on February 14th, right?

Valentines is the day that instills stress in the part of the population like no other. Many feel compelled to propose or tell someone that they love them for the first time. Others run for the hills and put down anyone who makes a big deal out of heart-shaped boxes of candy, flowers, and special dinners out. Some are crushed by the day, forced to spend another February 14th alone. As with everything in life – It’s Complicated!

So I poke my fingers in my ears and sing la la la and pretend Valentines is a sweet and fun day that should be remembered. And that’s all I’m saying about that.

One last thing. This year February is the month the first book in my next digital only self-published Mercy, Inc. series is released. In case you might be looking for something else to celebrate this month, OR READ, there’s always that. 😉

                                                 Her surprise Knight in the ER

If February is a tough month for you, take heart, it’s the shortest month of the year, except this year is leap year which means there are 29 days. Like I said, February. IT’S COMPLICATED!

Until next time, make it a great one,

Since I can’t resist one last reminder about February, Ash Wednesday is the 26th.

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New Year – Big Plans – COOKING UP ROMANCE

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about starting this new decade. I’m calling 2020 Lynne’s Big Year, since I’ll have a book out each month for the first half of the year. So, that means I’m hoping everyone’s New Year’s Resolution is to read more books!

As of today COOKING UP ROMANCE is officially available in e-book, though it has been in book stores like Barnes & Noble, and in book sections of Walmart across America since Mid December. I hope you’ve noticed while shopping for your monthly reads.

Here’s the lineup for the year

Now I’d like to share the official Dear Reader letter from the kickoff book for the Taylor Sister Trilogy – Cooking up Romance.

Dear Reader,
If it wasn’t for DNA testing, I never would have known who my true paternal grandfather was. The discovery was unnerving to say the least, though the history far removed. I bring this up because my reaction to the news was both emotional and physical, without ever having the chance to meet the man. From my personal exaggerated response, I could imagine how discovering at thirty-one that a person was separated at birth from a sister might be earth-shattering! Then I rubbed my hands together and got down to writing this trilogy.
Lacy and Zack are two of my all-time favorite characters. Both are down-to-earth and hardworking. Both have been dealt a tough hand in life but refuse to give up hope. If Lacy hadn’t set out on her own as a food truck cook, she never would’ve met her forever love. If Zack hadn’t been willing to take a chance on the woman with the crazy pink lunch mobile, he never would’ve discovered his perfect match, and mother figure for sweet Emma, his daughter.
But when a stranger insists Lacy looks exactly like another woman, that’s when the series mystery begins.
I hope you enjoy book one of the Taylor Sisters. I loved writing it.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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Well, folks it’s time to be jolly, sing our hearts out with the radio, and get tangled up in rolls and rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon. In other words, ’tis the Christmas Season. There’s nothing we can do to stop it after Thanksgiving, so we might as well go with the flow.



We’re warned every year not to get whisked away by all the hoo-ha, and we try not to, but come on, the best commercials are on this time of year. I cry at every Hallmark advertisement. And the major stores make it look so fun to shop. Still, I try to remember why we’re doing all this celebrating.



My personal Christmas runs the gamut from secular commercialism to the holy. I never forget why we celebrate the birthday that changed the world, but it is easy to get distracted by all the shiny stuff. And there’s nothing wrong with shiny stuff as long as we keep our perspective.

It is also a time to be sensitive to people who want nothing to do with Christmas. They have their reasons and we need to respect them. But if we can help make our blue friends or family members a little less sad by spending time with them and letting them know we love them, it might also help lessen their emotional slump.



In the thirty-six books I’ve written, only two have been Christmas stories.



Both have some tragic parts. Because life goes on, even at Christmastime.  Good, bad, ugly, you name it, life goes on, and we have to deal with all of it while baking cookies and pasting on our smiles. The holidays certainly aren’t easy!


So hang tough my dear friends and readers. If you can, do your part to make this Christmas merry and bright. But if that’s not who you are, or where you are at this point in your life, don’t push yourself. My one recommendation is to listen to the Christmas songs that make you smile and find a good memory or two to hang on to.

If that doesn’t help, then please try to find one friend to hug. Then look to that north star and think about the birthday we celebrate and the one who loves you the way Mr. Rogers did in his song “It’s You I Like…every part of you.” Because it’s true! Multiply that by a million and we scratch the surface of how much love there is for us. Then never forget it.


Happy Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


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Dear Friends and Readers,

The Christmas season is a special time of year. Ideally, it’s the season of happiness and goodwill toward others. With that in mind, I was hesitant to give my lovely Stephanie Bennett such a difficult and haunting past to overcome. As for carefree Phil Hansen—well, it just seemed cruel to put him through such an emotional roller coaster by simultaneously dropping two not-so-perfect people into his life. However, I’m a writer, and it is my job to make life difficult for my characters, so with my editor’s blessing I laid it on thick in One Christmas He Never Expected.

Stephanie needs a change of scenery for the holidays, and Phil is coerced into filling in as a caregiver for his preschool-aged half brother. Unbeknownst to both Stephanie and Phil, these story elements are the perfect ingredients for a Christmas miracle in the making.

I hope you enjoy this Santa Barbara Sunsets Christmas story, Book #3, the wrap-up book for people from the local clinic: His Second Chance at Forever, More than He Bargained For and One Christmas He Never Expected. I’ve grown to love my imaginary friends at the clinic, and I’m so happy I could help them all find their happy ever afters.

OUT NOW! Book #3 in the Santa Barbara Sunsets trilogy


Book Blurb:

Phil Hansen has a reputation as a playboy. One look at the new OB doc, and he wants to find the nearest mistletoe. What could be better than kicking off the holiday season with a fling? Except he sees heartbreak in her eyes.

Stephanie Bennett may be dazzled by laid-back Phil’s charm, and though she is long overdue for romance, she’s not ready to put her heart on the line again. Soon swayed by his “love is the best medicine” attitude, she gives in and comes alive in his arms.

Can the magic of the Christmas season help two reluctant hearts fall in love?

Until next time, make it a great one!




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Paddle of a steamer on an inland waterway


Thanks for indulging my recent and fond memories. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

We left off last week in a place called Clinton, Iowa and beginning with this blog we’ll pick up in Iowa’s oldest city. To be honest I’d never imagined visiting Dubuque before, but I’m so glad I did.  What a nice small city of 26,000 people. In the 1990s wise people on the historical society began redeveloping the riverfront and it is beautiful! Did you know that Dubuque has been on many list of bests? 100 Best Communities for Young People, The Most Livable Small City, and an all around Iowa Great Place. This little All American City seems to have it all.

First, I visited St. Luke’s church to see the exquisite Tiffany windows.

My pictures don’t do them justice, but I had to share. The reason Tiffany windows are so vibrant is because the color goes through all layers of the glass.






Culture abounds in Dubuque with it’s own opera house and the hundred year old hotel now called Julien, but I couldn’t resist the quirky ride up the world’s shortest, steepest railway to Fenalon Place. What was I thinking??? Evidently some rich guy wanted to go home for lunch and he worked down there and lived up there, so…where there’s a will there’s a way. Honestly, I could not believe this creaky old cable lift could possibly pass a certification, yet here we all were riding up and down the darn thing. The view from the top was certainly worth it.







I particularly enjoyed the small Museum of Art, but what caught my eye the most was this wire sculpture on the lawn out front of it. Neat, huh. You can see right through it, I could have spent a lot more time kicking around Dubuque, but we had more river boating to do the rest of the night and on to the next morning to reach another discovery and new favorite of mine – La Cross, Wisconsin!

What a lovely place, but unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much time there because we signed up for a much smaller boat ride in Winona, Minnesota (another charming place aka The Midwest’s Best Kept Secret).  The Captain was a kick and very knowledgeable, and most importantly he delivered on many eagle sightings. Here are just a couple:

First one isn’t real. This was also the first place we had rain.







Plus some cute river turtles.





Winona has a fabulous history center where I took this picture

There is also an amazing Marine Art Museum in Winona. I could have spent hours and hours there! Wow

But we had more riverboating to do  and places to be.







Sunsets on the Mighty Mississippi are always gorgeous. I realize I’ve taking up too much time and will have to write a third blog because I want to share my experience in Red Wing, Minnesota at the National Eagle Center.

So, rather than cut that portion short, I will continue with Part Three of the Big Muddy River Cruise next week.

One last thing, I was tickled to see one of my books, Too Close for Comfort, is being feature in the top ten Sizzling Romance Novels Where Old Flames Reconnect And People From The Past Return at EZVID WIKI. See here.

thanks for reading!

Until next time, make it a great one!



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In August, my husband and I took a riverboat cruise up the Mississippi River beginning in St. Louis, Missouri and ending in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’d done the lower Mississippi on the same paddle boat last year starting in New Orleans and ending in Memphis, and it sparked the desire to travel the rest of the way up north.

I’m setting my writer’s life aside for a bit to share some of our vacation photos.
We couldn’t go to St. Louis without taking a walking tour of the city and visiting the Gateway Arch, the 630-foot stainless steel monument also known as the gateway to the west during the westward expansion.








And Cardinal Stadium. We love visiting ballparks. View from our hotel room.

We loved the diverse neighborhoods, especially what we saw of the oldest and liveliest Soulard district,  known for having the biggest Mardi Gras celebrations outside of New Orleans but also for preserving the historic homes and shops. We also loved the abundance of beautiful parks inside and outside St. Louis.




Later, after visiting the Louis and Clark State historic site and much more, we embarked on our old-fashioned steamboat for the rest of our trip.








Traveling on a steamboat on the Mississippi River took us back in time, and our first big stop was in Hannibal, childhood home of Mark Twain. What could be more fitting!















Along the walls in this museum in Hannibal were posters of the original paintings done by Saturday Evening Post master artist Norman Rockwell of illustrations from Tom Sawyer. They were wonderful!

The next official port of call was Clinton, Iowa, but we popped over into Fulton, Illinois to see the Windmill Cultural Center, first. The cities are so close one storefront was called Illowa. My husband is half Dutch and it was interesting to note that 40% of the residents in Fulton were also of Dutch heritage. Cute town!

Later we caught a van driven by a local man who was a lineman for the county, to share the beautiful Eagle Point Park with its very own castle.








My husband spent a lot of time as we cruised watching for Eagles and we saw many of them along the banks, high up in the trees.








Every night the dinners were grand, and the entertainment was topnotch with the occasional lecture dedicated to Samuel Clemens, a most amazing and forward-thinking man we’ve come to know as Mark Twain – who was once a riverboat captain on The Big Muddy himself.  Follow the link to find out the significance of this phrase and how he got his pseudonym. 1 – twain, 2 – twain, mark – twain…

For fear of boring you to tears, I’ll blog part two next week.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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