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What I’m reading this December + small giveaway

Tis the Season to get cozy and blog about some of my favorite Christmas books. Since there are too many to share all of them, I’ve chosen a few of my absolute faves. So hang on to your Santa Clause stocking caps and enjoy the wild holiday sleigh ride.

The book that first influenced me was a very short one, and it wasn’t really a book, but a poem—a poem that had all the delights, magic and excitement of Christmas from a kid’s perspective. You know what I’m talking about – The Night Before Christmas by C. Clement Moore. That small book influenced me so much, when I grew up, I used to write a new letter each year mimicking the poem, but filling in my family’s news and sending it off with my Christmas cards. Isn’t copying the highest honor?



Another book that illustrates the true meaning of Christmas, besides, of course, the story of the Nativity, was The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. What better way to drive home the point of sacrificial giving and the joy it brings. Out of love Della cuts off her hair, her one prized possession, to buy a platinum fob chain for Jim’s prized possession—his father’s watch—and Jim sells that heirloom to buy tortoise shell combs for her gorgeous hair. The story taught me about the joy of giving over getting, and I am happy to report I love to give gifts far more than receive them. Though don’t get me wrong, no gift given to me has gone without appreciation!

RKO Theatrical Release Poster

As I got older, I was so enchanted by the classic Capra movie It’s A Wonderful Life, I wanted to read the short story that inspired it. The Greatest Gift (there’s a theme here, see?) by Philip Van Doren Stern came to him in a dream. A guy so down on his luck he wants to die, but an angel shows him what life would be like without him in it. Why can’t I have dreams like that?

This year, I’ve got plans to read some seasonal and contemporary romances. Here’s my lineup

Snowbound in Sweetwater Ranch      by RaeAnne Thayne



His Christmas Miracle by Dani Collins


One Unforgettable Friday by Robena Grant, who is a good writer friend of mine.






I’m so looking forward to reading these books to help me get that holiday spirit that is so important this time of year.


What are you planning to read this December? Share your favorites and three commenters will receive a fun book mark, each with some great philosophy for how to get the most out life. 


In the meantime, don’t let the crazy time of year get you down, pace yourselves, eat some fruit and vegetables along with all of the delicious Christmas treats, and before you grab some shuteye each night, take time to do a little reading!

Until next time, make it a great one!



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Giving Thanks with Free Book!

For my USA friends and readers, Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a day we take time to give thanks for the goodness in our lives, for family and friends. I am grateful for my loved ones and the good fortune I’ve had in life. Like everyone, there have been many trying years, too. I still hold that life overall is good, and every day I wake up, get out of bed, when everything seems to be working “good enough,” is a great day!



This year, one of the ways I’m giving thanks is with a FREE BOOK!





Watch for my BookBub ad November 23rd, (Yes, on Thanksgiving).  The first book in my Charity, Montana series from TULE Publishing will be FREE. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll pick up your copy while you can.

The free book will be offered in the following regions: US, UK, CA, AU, IN.

Also, Milo wanted to remind everyone about my current release.

Milo: “Wait, what am I supposed to say again?”

Lynne whispers in his big ear.

Milo: “Oh, right. If you’re looking for a sweet Christmas love story, why not check out Their Christmas Miracle? It’s available at all the usual digital book stores.”

HAPPY THANKSGIVING IN USA. Celebrate another good day everywhere else. Make it a great one!

Sending love your way. And don’t forget to grab your FREE BOOK!


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Their Christmas Miracle – November 8th

Their Christmas Miracle will officially be published tomorrow, November 8th!

I set out to write a Christmas book with a PG rating, for those who want to enjoy a story that isn’t loaded down with angst. The first draft was a little too breezy, and my Tule editor pointed out the ways I needed to dig deeper. I took her advice!

Hunter Wood is a good guy, just trying to make a living while venturing out with his own café. But life had a curve ball heading his way.




Tracy Blevin was still carrying around a grudge from her childhood, and really needed to let it go and move on, so she could finally see the great guy standing in front of her.



When a Montana winter car crash leaves a baby an orphan, Godfather Hunter, lives up to his promise, taking in the ten-month old. With the season of miracles upon them, Hunter can no longer deny his strong attraction towards Tracy. Is her life-long wish for her own family finally being answered this Christmas?

Pre order or buy Digital:
Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
Google Play
Amazon Kindle UK

That was my intent when I wrote the book. You can read the full blurb here on my Single Title Books page, or at any of the linked websites above. I hope you’ll read the book and let it add a little extra something to your Christmas this year. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face. Above all, that was my goal.

I have a bookbub ad scheduled for Thanksgiving Day for the first book in the Charity, Montana series: Her Baby, His Love. Watch for the next blog with the details.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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Last month my husband and I took a trip to horse and bourbon country in Kentucky, a place we’d never been before. Then, since we were only one state over, we visited Tennessee, including Nashville!

I thought you might enjoy some of what we saw there.


We drove by Vanderbilt University, which was gorgeous, but no pictures to share. Sorry.

How about Music Row?







Country Music Museum:I took loads of pictures here, but not enough room to share all of them.








Ryman Auditorium (formerly Grand Ole Opry House and Union Gospel Tabernacle) is a 2,362-seat live performance venue, located at 116 5th Avenue North, in Nashville, Tennessee and is best known as the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974.








Riverboat ride on Cumberland River – with outstanding entertainment!













View at night from pedestrian bridge over Cumberland River, which takes you to the Nissan Stadium. We enjoyed our walk there.


Here is a better view of the pedestrian bridges. (below)






The New Grand Ole Opry after the devastating 2010 Cumberland River floods:


The Opry returned to the Grand Ole Opry House on September 28, 2010 in a special edition of the Opry entitled Country Comes Home that was televised live on Great American Country.

We saw four, half-hour shows recorded on a Friday night. Really something!









We also visited The Hermitage – home of Andrew Jackson








Tennessee State buildings –




We had a wonderful time walking around the state houses and legislative center.

I’ll never forget Nashville!





Until next time, make it a great one!


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Introducing the Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach

The view from Sandpiper trail

I’m so excited to introduce my upcoming trilogy for Harlequin Special Edition.  Though the books won’t be out until March, April and May of 2018, I thought I’d give a sneak peek here.

Sandpiper Beach is a fictitious town along Central Coast California



Book #1 FOREVER A FATHER, will be Daniel Delaney’s story where he falls for Keela O’Mara who opens his eyes to love again.

Daniel Delaney

Keela O’Mara








Book #2 SOLDIER, HANDYMAN, FAMILY MAN (American Heroes choice for April Special Edition), is Mark’s story, where Laurel Prescott helps him find home with her ready-made family.

The often pensive Mark

Laurel Prescott









Book #3 REUNITED WITH THE SHERIFF, is Conor’s story, where the woman who broke his heart returns to town.

Stoic Conor, the Sheriff

Shelby Lyn Brookes aka The Heartbreaker







Since Grandda Padraig, Sean (the brothers’ father) and Maureen (their mother) are all a part of each book, I thought I’d share their pictures too!

Patriarch, Padraig Delaney aka Grandda
Photo Credit: Charles Harris/AdMedia

Sean Delaney
Padraig’s son, father to the brothers, and taller than all of them!








Maureen, their mother




Over the next few months, I’ll share more about each book as the release time draws near. Will share the book covers as they are made available, and more about each brother. No one can be as excited about it as I am, but I hope I’ve piqued your interest.



March 2018                                                April 2018                                      May 2018

My terrible attempt to make a banner by myself at Canva!

Until next time, make it a great one!


Lynne standing on one of the Cliff’s of Mohr, County Clare, Ireland


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Update: I will be giving an extensive interview at 1Rad Reader Reviews this Friday, July 28th. In the meantime, you can enjoy the two day lead in here. Thanks!

Now back to previously scheduled blogging!

Crazy as it seems, it’s Christmas in July at my house.

I’ve been fortunate enough to sign on for two more books with TULE publishing, and part of the lure was to write a Christmas story.

I haven’t done that in years, and Charity, Montana seemed like the perfect setting.

For those who’ve read my first TULE book – HER BABY, HIS LOVE, you may remember a guy named Hunter and a lady named Tracy. Hunter was the head cook at Donna Lee’s Diner, and was also in Joe Collins’ accountability group. They’d met while in prison. Tracy was the RN at the urgent care clinic where Taylor worked when she moved to town.

Upon hearing about the new book in the works, one person said, “I didn’t see that coming.”

They were right, neither had I, until I was schooled on miniseries versus standalone books at TULE. I learned that linked books tend to do much better with sales, and Christmas books even better than that, so…in the latter part of spring I proposed a Christmas book.

Amazingly, TULE was willing to work with me on the short deadline and lead time in order to have an early November release. This is the part about small independent publishers that really appeals to me, their flexibility with scheduling.

So, it’s July, we’re in the middle of a crazy heatwave in Southern California, and I’m thinking parkas, snow, cozy cabins, cocoa, Christmas trees and holiday catering. What fun! As it happens, that’s the perfect antidote to distract me from the dang heat. Plus I’m loving the story I’ve come up with for Hunter Wood and Tracy Blevins. No one may have seen it coming, not even me, but turns out they’re perfect for each other. Now all I have to do is convince them.


Extremely short and abbreviated setup for the book plot:

Hunter Wood has started his own café in Charity, Montana. Six months ago, his buddy Joe Collins married Taylor Clarke, and he catered the small event, which gave him the courage to venture off by himself. At the wedding, he worked with Tracy who was in charge of the wedding cake. He’d also heard she baked delicious pies, so when he leased a small diner, he asked Tracy to bake pies daily for him. They’re a big hit with his customers, too. Over the past six months they’ve become friends, but secretly each wishes for more. Just after Thanksgiving, a tragic accident happens and a little boy winds up an orphan. Hunter Wood is his godfather…

I’ll let your imagination take over from there, and I hope you’ll consider reading this Christmas story, which will be out in time for the holidays 2017, a story that is quickly becoming a book of my heart!


I hope I’ve piqued your interest in reading this book. No need to have read, Her Baby, His Love first, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if you did! 

If you’d like to keep up with information about my upcoming books, sign up for my occasional newsletter here at my website in the side bar. You’ll get exclusive information and I always hold contests for subscribers only.

Until next time, make it a great one

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Apparently Single Dads are the big thing in romance reading this summer, and I’m happy to have wound up in the middle of the trend.  I was thrilled to see one of my books had been included in a six-book anthology featuring single dads in the United Kingdom.  My lovely Trevor Montgomery from Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Father was transformed from this






to thisYowza! I get a little nervous looking at him now, and yet I knew him so well when I wrote him. ha ha I’ve never had a “man-chest” book cover before.

I admit I was surprised that he was the guy chosen to go in this book bundle because his is a different kind of single dad story, but trust me, I’m NOT COMPLAINING! I hope you’ll check out the book.

Here is a link to one of the many articles that picked up on the turn from reclusive billionaires (think that grey shades book) to guys taking charge of their families and still managing to find love.

In keeping with the trend, I wanted to let the world know that I’ve written many singledad books, long before they were the thing.  Here’s a list 











For a twist on the single dad trope, check out this book ->







It’s funny that this single dad trend started right about the time I finished and turned in the third book in my Delaney brothers trilogy, for Harlequin Special Edition, where each brother becomes a step-in dad for three wonderful and deserving single moms. Hopefully, next March, April and May 2018 when those books get released, that scenario will be the next big trend.

Too keep up with my books and for exclusive news, contests and giveaways, please sign up for my newsletter. The sign-up link is in the right sidebar of this blog.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, make it a great one,


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Mary’s Tiny House + Book Giveaway

In my current release MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON (Harlequin Medical Romance) Mary Harris, the heroine, lives in a tiny house.

If you’ve watched the TV series Tiny Houses, you know what I’m talking about.  These miniature houses are usually under 300 square feet, and sometimes are as tiny as 100 square feet.  Most of us wouldn’t know how to live in such small spaces, but some people move their families into these houses to prove we don’t need nearly as much room or stuff as we all think we do, and, more importantly, to help the environment by being less wasteful. Can you imagine fitting your belongings into a tiny house?

The reason Mary lives in a tiny house is because she is a Physical Therapist who only takes temporary assignments. Instead of living in extended stay motels, or go through the hassle of short term rentals, she has a 250 foot square foot house designed and built to her specifications. When she was a child, she had zero control over her living environment, but now she’s designed every inch. That’s part of Mary’s way to take control of her life.

Some might ask, why not get an RV or fifth wheel?  The difference is a tiny house feels more like an actual house and often has an outside that looks like a regular house but tiny, often even having a porch!  A tiny house is usually built in one spot, though some are meant to be portable. Mary’s was, anyway.  For her it felt like the home she never had. Plus, from growing up in a trailer, she knows how to live small.

Wes Van Allen knew Mary when she lived in a run down trailer park back in her teens, so he is fascinated to see she’s arrived on his doorstep pulling her own, unique-looking, home on the back of her small sport truck. When he asks why live the vagabond life, she reminds him she’d never had a single vacation growing up, there was a lot of world out there to see, so why not travel for work?

One of my favorite scenes in the book was the night Wes came to visit Mary in her tiny house, and she cooked him dinner.

< North American version

United Kingdom version >

From doctor…to daddy? 

Neurosurgeon Wes Van Allen is used to being at the top of his game, so when an accident puts him in a wheelchair, he’ll push himself to the limit to regain his strength—he just needs a physical therapist who can keep up!

Enter Mary Harris, whose sweet kisses he’s never forgotten! She’ll help Wes achieve his dream, if he helps her achieve hers—a baby! Captivated by Mary’s sunny optimism, dare Wes hope for the ultimate miracle—a family, with Mary by his side?

Do you know anyone who lives in a tiny house?  Do you think you could live in one?  Leave a comment for a chance to win one of my backlist Medical Romances, or my latest digital book (my first book for Tule publishing) Her Baby, His Love.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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Research and the Latest Book

New Book is out today! Yay. I’m very excited about the story that was inspired by JoJo Moyes’ book Me Before You, which was a heartbreaking read. Being a romance writer and reader, well, I simply had to write a story about a disabled hero, a completely different story, with the kind of ending I personally love HEA! (Happily Ever After). So I did and it’s called – Miracle for the Neurosurgeon. Here’s the gorgeous North American cover:

And I’m thrilled to say the book has received a TOP PICK,   5 star review from Harlequin Junkie website. Read review here.  Also, watch for the Harlequin Junkie Spotlight on Miracle for the Neurosurgeon on May 5th.





Doing research for the book was fascinating discovering all the strides that have been made for paralyzed patients. I learned about an amazing Orthopedic doctor, Dr. Ted Rummel, who devised a wheelchair that, using hydraulics, could lift him from sitting to standing so he could continue doing surgeries while safely supported and strapped into his chair.

Here he is going into surgery in the upright position. Great idea, right?

My hero, Wes Van Allan, being the man he is, immediately upon learning of this other doctor’s device, orders one for himself. It opens the door for his return to work as a neurosurgeon, a calling he has felt since his teenage years.

I also loved learning how para and quadriplegics can drive, and wrote a scene where Wes takes Mary out to a special restaurant in Malibu, California. He definitely went Alpha male behind the wheel. It was a fun scene to write.

Perhaps the most amazing thing I learned while doing research for this book was about the invention of exoskeletons. The Robotic apparatus which looks kind of like a jet pack is carefully devised to stimulate the paraplegics legs, knees and ankles, assisting them to walk using grip sensitive canes.  Here is a picture to show how it works. No spoilers so I’m not going to say if or how I used this information in my story.

If you’d like to see more about this click on the picture and it will take you to an amazing article with a video.

 I discovered so much great information while writing this book, like bicycles made in Scandinavia specifically for para and quadriplegics to help with their circulation, which is one of the biggest issues for their continued health, and bouncy cots that help with, well, uh, let’s say for those private times with people you care deeply about, and so much more.  In fact, I got so in to doing research my editor had to politely tell me to cut back on the specifics. Yes, over-researched stories interfere with the book, or, in my case, the author’s putting too many details in fiction. Yes, I listened to my editor. 😉

I hope my excitement about my 19th Medical Romance, and my 24th published book for Harlequin (I’m currently working on #27) is contagious enough to make you check out the book and blurb.

May is an important month in USA. We celebrate Mother’s Day on the 14th. If you’ve got one, give her a hug or a call, and mail her a card, too! Also, May 6-13th is National Nurse Week, something I spent twenty-five years doing for a living. If you know a nurse tell him or her how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you!

That’s probably enough advice for now, so thanks for reading.

Until next time, make it a great one!







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