Halloween started like any other day. I was grateful we had good weather, that the wind from the night before had died down and the skies were clear. Good, I thought, the little kids won’t be cold tonight.

I opened my e-mail and saw Harlequin had sent out the quarterly royalty statement, then popped over to the Harlequin Author Network to have a look. I knew I was close after my last statement, but this time I’d made it.

As of June 2018, I have sold 1, 014,796 books worldwide, including translations.

I pointed out that fact to my husband and we hugged. That, plus the numbers on the pages, was enough affirmation for the day.

For twelve years, since my first Harlequin book was published in September 2006, I have diligently written and published twenty-seven books and the sales numbers slowly added up until today when I can say I’ve sold a million books.


Now on to the rest of this Halloween like no other.

My husband and I bought over 600 pieces of candy to hand out last night. Because we live on a long straight street in a safe neighborhood, people bring their kids from far and wide on Halloween. We love seeing all the costumes, especially on the little ones, but also on the creatively minded older kids who come up with their own inventions. Nonstop children came to our door, sometimes in groups of twenty, others in a long stream of forty or more passed through. We were out of candy by 8:20 p.m. A new record!

Sometime around 8 p.m. I cried while handing out the goodies. Not because we were almost out of candy, but because of something my Publisher, Jane Porter from TULE, posted on my timeline.

I’d hit the USA Today Bestseller list with Their Christmas Miracle, last November’s Christmas book.

I’d had a hopeful plan in mind when I’d asked about taking a 99cent deal with Bookbub. TULE agreed to help support me on that plan, and last week I watched my sales soar (for me anyway) on Amazon, and the several other sites where the book was on sale.

I talked to friends and found out it takes a heck of a lot of books to sell in one week to make the cut, and my hope flickered a bit. I was still glad I’d tried.

I had planned to check the list first thing this morning to see if I’d made it, but Jane saved me hours and hours of wondering. I’d made the list!

God had a cute way of keeping me humble, too. (Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?) Well, the list writers did anyway. They misspelled my book title. “Their Christmas Miracles” they’d posted instead of Miracle. But the more I think about it, that title is spot on, because it sure feels like a miracle to me to be there. Add the book’s miracle and my personal miracle and, turns out they got the title right after all.

I’m still levitating with excitement, which makes it hard to write this blog, but I had to share! Now I’m off to update all my bios with USA Today Bestselling author.

Thanks for buying and reading my books!

Until next time, make it a great one,
USA Today Bestselling Author 

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99 cent sale!

99 cent book sale!

If you’re anything like me, you aren’t ready to start thinking about Christmas when Halloween hasn’t even occurred, right? But this early Christmas news is too good not to share. For a limited time, THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, book #2 in the Charity, Montana series will be a Book Bub special deal, and on sale for 99 cents beginning…

October 25th.

With a 4.12 star rating on Goodreads and a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, why not take advantage of this great deal?

Buy this bargain now and save the book for when you’re ready for some Christmas spirit in time for the holidays. In the meantime, check out Sweet Home Montana. 😉

99 cent deal available at all the usual places for a limited time.

        Kobo Books   Google Play   

Until next time, make it a great one!




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Sweet Home Montana Release Day

It’s finally here, publication day for Sweet Home Montana, book #3 in the Charity, Montana trilogy, and I couldn’t be happier. Tule Publishing has allowed me to write three stories near and dear to my heart: Her Baby, His Love 3/17, Their Christmas Miracle 11/17, and the final installment Sweet Home Montana 9/18

I loved writing the third installment of my sweet romance series. Set in fall, my favorite season, Wade and Erin have a lot to figure out before Wade has to leave Montana for California. In the meantime, there is equine therapy for the moody teenage half-brother, a harvest festival with hayrides, horses, and a chili cook-off, plus a secret job, and finally, a very romantic public declaration of Wade’s intentions. This is a super sweet story. Think Hallmark!

Read an early review here

See sidebar to:

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Follow me on Bookbub for updates on special deals

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Sign up for my newsletter.

Be sure to follow the two week Prism Tour (2 blog stops a day) plus 2 prizes up for grabs

I hope you’ll check this one out.

Happy Reading!






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fall in forest

“Will I see you in September, or lose you to a summer love?” Anyone else remember the old standard, See You in September? It always comes to mind as fall approaches since it is bittersweet to kiss the carefree summer goodbye and move on to the business of September.


These days fall is my favorite season. That’s probably why I wrote my new book, SWEET HOME MONTANA set in autumn.  Release date on September 27th,

In California we don’t get much of a fall season, so we make a point to travel to places that do. Eastern Canada is always a sure bet for fall foliage.













Some of the things I like about fall are the harvest festivals, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and fun decorations. Not to mention the brisk weather and that special golden tint the season seems to throw over everything. I tried to hit those highpoints in my book, where Erin and Wade fall in love. Available for pre order.

Amazon Kindle                    Google Play                        Barnes & Noble
iBooks                                    Kobo
Here’s a bit about my characters:
Wade Conrad is a self-made entrepreneur who has achieved great success in the business world. But as far as his personal life goes, he’s not nearly as well off. Estranged from his father for years, Wade finds himself being called home to help with a family issue. Back home, facing the mistake of walking away from his family, he discovers that having shut down his heart to his Dad has also kept him from ever being truly open to love a woman.

Erin Chase used to have a bright future with big plans until she got stood up at the altar. Now a self-proclaimed introvert, she hides out as an equine therapist for Healing Heart Acres – the place that helped put her back together after having her heart broken by her ex-fiancée. Well beyond the time to step back into the world of the living again, she gets forced out when Wade Conrad and his sullen half-brother, Brent, show up for help.

If you enjoy Hallmark movies that don’t have a lot of angst but still manage to tug the heartstrings, I think you might enjoy Sweet Home Montana.

I’m leaving with a few thoughts about fall, best told in this lovely poem.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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The Big Night and Much, Much, More

July 17-21st was the busiest few days I’ve had in a long time. It started with a flight cancel and several delays to Denver, Colorado on Tuesday afternoon. We were scheduled to land (non-stop) around 5:30, but wound up having to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah and wait a long time to finally land in Denver. We checked into our room on Tuesday at nearly midnight!

Everything went up from there. On Wednesday morning, I met my TULE editor for coffee and to talk about future books for them. Then, in the afternoon, there was an offsite tea in a gorgeous historic hotel – The Brown Hotel, hosted by TULE.






What a gorgeous display and a great group of women to share it with. Amy Andrews (L), Meghan Farrell and Maggie Marr (R)







Jane Porter (in blue) has created something special, and Meghan Farrell is her right hand woman.

The next morning, bright and early, was the Harlequin book signing from 8:30 – 9:30. Saw lots of friends and readers and loved every moment.


Michelle Major, Caro Carson, Allison Leigh

with Samanthe Beck and Robin Bielman








I met some new friends, too. Kaylie Newel and Roxanne Snopek, to name a couple. Both wonderful writers.








Loved the Golden Heart luncheon on Thursday.

… and having dinner with my LARA buddies before the RITAs later that night. I admit to having perhaps a bit too much wine during the latter part of the ceremony.

Friday morning was another offsite event – a breakfast with TULE and a talk about their increasing number of books getting picked up for Hallmark movies. Here is my table with Michelle Beattie and Trish Milburn.  The lovely Jane Porter photobombed!

Friday Special awards luncheon was really good and Keynote speaker Shelly Laurenston’s speech was especially poignant for me.

Lynne with editor Flo Nicoll

That afternoon I got to meet my former editor Flo Nicoll for a quick glass of wine. She wanted to personally congratulate me for reaching the milestone. From there it went on to a lovefest. She is a fabulous editor and a lovely person. I forgot to ask to take a picture so this is an old one from when I visited the Mills & Boon office in the UK in 2015. With her busy schedule as Senior Editor of the Presents line, I was honored that she made time for me on Friday. Then I had to rush off to my room to prepare for the Harlequin Party. 

This time I was part of the milestones (twenty-five books).  Senior editor for Harlequin Special Edition, Gail Chasan, took Teri Wilson (Rita finalist) and me out to a wonderful dinner.

Then we took a taxi to the Ritz Carlton Hotel for the VIP lounge treatment!  I never felt so special in my life!

On to the party with desserts and dancing and lots of hugs and special moments.

Nineteen of my twenty-five books were written for the Medical Romance line, so it was wonderful to see (and hear!) the editors and other writers from that line cheer for me along with my fellow Special Edition author friends when they announced my name.

This year was the first where they made a big deal out of it and we had our pictures and books on screen as we walked down the line of the heads of Harlequin Books, LTD. This is a terrible picture, but it shows the screen behind. Contrary to popular belief, I did not kiss Craig Swinwood!

My guest for the evening, and travel partner for the conference was long time critique partner and writer buddy Dee J. Adams.


I felt like I never had a minute to rest and by the time I got home Saturday night around 9 p.m. I was ready for a week of doing absolutely nothing.



I’m so glad I went to this Romance Writers of America conference, though most of my time was taken up with my two wonderful publishers. But here’s some breaking news, it will probably be my last, which kind of saddens me because it means I won’t ever get to meet my lovely editor Megan Broderick in person, since next year is in New York.

One thing I’ve learned in this long life of mine, never say never!

Until next time, make it a great one,


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June in SoCal has been mild, but with each day tiptoeing into July, we are headed for spikes in temperatures that could set our hair on fire. In other words, it’s sum-sum-summertime.



Fortunately, we get the dry kind of heat in this part of California. I say fortunately because me and humidity do not get along. Regardless of dry or humid air, when the thermometer heads north of 100 degrees, (which it is predicted to do by leaps and bounds over the next few days) I don’t care whether it is north, south, east or west, it is HOT! 



Growing up in Los Angeles summers, my mom used to make me take timeout indoors between noon and 2 p.m. Back then it was because of smog. Nasty stuff. The enforced “quiet time” in my bedroom gave me time to think and daydream. Once I became a mother and used the “quiet time” technique with my kids, I realized that special time still afforded me time to think and daydream. It also made me realize that my mom probably loved her time alone without the distraction of a little kid, too.

We didn’t take “vacations” as such, but we’d have barbecues or on Friday nights,drive up to San Jose to visit our family and cousins for the weekend, or do day trips around Los Angeles.

I still remember the two summers I got to go to camp. The first when I was ten and that was a beach camp and the next year I got to go, through the YMCA, to the mountains. I remember being scared to death to go off alone with strangers to camp, but each time I survived and managed to enjoy myself. Looking back, I love my mom so much for signing me up. I know she did it because she wanted to give me an experience she never had, and once I got over my fear, she gifted me with sweet memories.                                                           


In the same way, I pushed my kids to do things I never had the chance to do growing up, and I hope, now that they’re adults, they appreciate those opportunities.

My favorite memories of summer were getting to go back outside after dinner to play with the neighborhood kids until dark. We’d play croquet, or tag, or devise some complicated game that no one really understood, but would give us a chance to run wild and scream and laugh. Getting a few mosquito bites were worth it, and after taking a bath and going to bed, I’d take my time falling asleep, so I could replay in my mind all the fun I’d had. Bites and all.

Anyone enjoy Christmas in July? If so, I hope you’ll consider reading THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. Who knows, maybe it will trick you into thinking it isn’t hotter than hades outside.

No matter what your summer plans are, I hope they involve fun, sun, adventure, and don’t forget to save time for reflection and peace…


What did you like to do most during the summer as a kid? I’d love to hear your stories.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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Now that all three of the Delaney brothers have made their debut in Harlequin Special Edition series, you’d think I’d take a breather, right? Well, have I got news! And it’s not fake news, either.



May was busy with the third book in a row in as many months released, Reunited with the Sheriff, but…

That wasn’t all that was going on in my life. Late last year I began putting a proposal together for separated at birth twins for Harlequin Special Edition. In late January, I turned it in to my editor who sent back some suggestions how to make it stronger before passing it up to the Senior Editor of the line. I fixed it and sent it back to her. After that, rather than sit around and twiddle my thumbs, I got down to business and wrote a book for TULE Publishing. That book is finished now and handed in awaiting revisions and will be the third book in my Charity, Montana series.

Waiting is always hard in this business, and just when I was about to give up on having another proposal accepted at the end of May, I got an offer for a three-book contract from Harlequin! My twins just became triplets! Yay

No sooner had I gotten the contract than I got an amazing book cover for my not yet revised TULE book.

With all the brouhaha about the European privacy rules last month, I had to send two newsletters to my subscribers, and I didn’t have the heart to bog them down with yet another. Even though this is what should go into newsletters not rules and privacy regulations. Anyway, so I’m doing something here that I usually do exclusively for my subscribers in my newsletter. Cover reveal!!!!

Tah-dah! Isn’t it purdy?






I was practically dancing on the ceiling! Or doing cartwheels when I saw it.



This from a woman who insists I’m ready to retire. Tell that to my overactive brain. In the interim between getting the new contract signed and waiting for revisions for the other book, I started noodling a new idea for a fourth Charity, Montana book.

Here’s how I really like to celebrate the good things in life, though.



Like being employed for another year as a writer, something I never dreamed of growing up. Or starting a new book to a new series. And how about creating a new installment of a running series for another publisher.More about this as the release date of September 26th rolls around…

Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam after a very busy and productive first half of the year.

Until next time, make it a great one!

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REUNITED WITH THE SHERIFF Comment to win a book!

What’s new you ask?

Though the print version of Reunited with the Sheriff has been in stores since April 17th, tomorrow, May 1st, the digital version will be live. Yippee!

They promised to meet in four years…

He was there. Where was she?

Conor Delaney believed he and Shelby Brookes shared something special. Until the girl he’d loved since fourth grade was a no-show for what should have been the most romantic reunion of their lives. Two years and one shattered heart later, Shelby’s back in their California town—as the new chef at Conor’s family restaurant. The single mom has a reason for what she did…and a plan for winning back the guarded California lawman.

What readers are saying so far…
“Lynne Marshall does it again and gives us readers a great story in “Reunited with the Sheriff (The Delany’s of Sandpiper Beach book #3)…This book was so good that once I picked it up I didn’t put it down.”

Reunited with the Sheriff, “—is exciting, fun, very emotional, suspenseful and so much more. I highly recommend it.”

“What a sweet romance! This is an excellent read from the Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach trilogy.”

“Loved Conor and Shelby’s story.”

“—a touching love story that’s sure to inspire you to never give up!”

“Another winning book for Lynne Marshall! A perfect addition to this series. An absolutely tug-at-your-heart book. Add a cute little boy to the mix and how can you lose?! The ending was superb and left me with the biggest smile and chuckling at the end. A must read!”


Note from author: I’m so glad this reviewer wrote the above, because I loved writing the ending to this trilogy, and my goal was to leave a smile on the reader’s face. Mission accomplished! 😊


THE not so bad—dueling honest reactionsOpinion #1: “I know she (Shelby) had reasons for the things she did, but she selfishly only thought of herself one too many times for my liking.”

Opinion #2: “I cried for Shelby as I read her story and I wanted to smack Connor for taking such a long time to understand and accept Shelby’s situation.”

Opinion #3: “While it is patently obvious to understand Shelby’s actions, it is equally difficult to deal with Conor’s pain.”

“This book was a huge disappointment…I don’t recommend this book for anyone…The two main characters did not have any chemistry at all…I would have to give this a PG-13 rating for sexually explicit content.”

Author’s note: There is zero cussing in the book and the door is closed on actual sex scenes.

So there you have it, a cross section of reviews for REUNITED WITH THE SHERIFF.

< UK version                           True Love


Australian version >                    Cherish





Have you read Reunited with the Sheriff? What is your opinion? If you haven’t read the book, leave a comment about any of the reviews in this blog to win a backlist print book.
Until next time, make it a great one!

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Today is probably one of the most stressful days of any given year. Tax returns deadline day! I can’t change that one bit, but I can offer some distraction, that is AFTER you’ve completed and submitted your taxes.

It’s also a big day for me.




The third book in the Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach trilogy is out in print and in stores as of today: REUNITED WITH THE SHERIFF



It will be available in e-book format on May 1st.



Dear Reader,
Where would we be without second chances in life? We’re far too human to always get things right the first time around. Sometimes we need a few more years under our belts before we wise up and see what we’ve missed. Other times, someone else makes a decision that we have no control over, and we suffer the consequences. The most important thing is to seize that opportunity to get it right when it comes around again.

Fortunately, in Reunited with the Sheriff, Conor Delaney and Shelby Lynn Brookes get that second chance. Both may be older and wiser, but are they also willing to admit their mistakes? As always, when two people remember the same situation—in this case a lifetime of friendship that turned to love early on, and continued with a special promise—they both have their own take. Where Conor thought he was being supportive of Shelby’s dream to become a chef, Shelby felt he was pushing her away. When Shelby wants to start over, Conor doesn’t think it’s possible to erase the past.

The beautiful Mills & Boon UK bookcover

That leaves the big question: Will these two meant-to-be lovebirds get over their issues to give their romance another try? Stick around for some surprises, fireworks, and that guaranteed happily-ever-after, Conor and Shelby style.

Here’s what Conor and Shelby looked like to me as I wrote this story, which was a particularly difficult book to write, by the way.




As you can see, they look quite different on the book cover.


I’d also like to remind folks that this Sunday, April 22nd, I’ll be signing and giving away copies of the first Delaney story – FOREVER A FATHER at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books booth 937 from 2-5 p.m.







Hope to see you there!


      Kobo Books   Google Play   iBooks    Click to buy on Walmart  Click to buy on IndieBound  Click to buy on Books-A-Million


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In each of the Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach books I spotlight one of the family members. One of the secondary characters in Mark Delaney’s story is Padraig Delaney, the grandfather who came to America in the 1950s to help maintain the new lush golf courses along central coast California, and the person Mark has a special bond with. This Is how I pictured Padraigh.


Ever been chauffeured on your first date by someone in a golf cart? Thanks to Grandda Delaney, Laurel Prescott has. It was just one of the ways to lightened the mood for two brooding characters, Mark and Laurel, who needed to re-learn how to enjoy life.





I also used the gorgeous Pacific Ocean as a way to help Mark and Laurel let down their hair. My favorite scene at the end of Chapter Two involves the ocean and a kiss.





Another significant part of the book involves building a gazebo



And, of course, surfing!


I’ve mentioned this before, but the Delaney trilogy originally came to me in a paranormal package. This was a huge departure for me and I wasn’t sure what to do or how to handle it. Being a contemporary author, who wanted to continue publishing with Harlequin, I knew some elements of the story had to change. To satisfy my longing for a bit of the supernatural in these books, I came up with a fun and perhaps silly thread throughout all three books where Grandda – Padraig – who came over to US from Ireland in the 1950s, still believed in fanciful things like little people and selkies. So when his grandsons saved a seal from being eaten by a pod of orca, Padraig was sure they’d saved a selkie who now owed them all favors, and he decided his three eligible grandsons would all soon find the loves of their lives because of it. I really had fun putting that aspect into each book.




Come visit Sandpiper Beach and get to know the Delaney family in this small town series.


Book #1 – FOREVER A FATHER (March 2018)
Book #2 – SOLDIER, HANDYMAN, FAMILY MAN (April 2018) 

   iBooks Google Play

Available at all the usual bookstores and online vendors in both print and e-book format.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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