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New Book is out today! Yay. I’m very excited about the story that was inspired by JoJo Moyes’ book Me Before You, which was a heartbreaking read. Being a romance writer and reader, well, I simply had to write a story about a disabled hero, a completely different story, with the kind of ending I personally love HEA! (Happily Ever After). So I did and it’s called – Miracle for the Neurosurgeon. Here’s the gorgeous North American cover:

And I’m thrilled to say the book has received a TOP PICK,   5 star review from Harlequin Junkie website. Read review here.  Also, watch for the Harlequin Junkie Spotlight on Miracle for the Neurosurgeon on May 5th.





Doing research for the book was fascinating discovering all the strides that have been made for paralyzed patients. I learned about an amazing Orthopedic doctor, Dr. Ted Rummel, who devised a wheelchair that, using hydraulics, could lift him from sitting to standing so he could continue doing surgeries while safely supported and strapped into his chair.

Here he is going into surgery in the upright position. Great idea, right?

My hero, Wes Van Allan, being the man he is, immediately upon learning of this other doctor’s device, orders one for himself. It opens the door for his return to work as a neurosurgeon, a calling he has felt since his teenage years.

I also loved learning how para and quadriplegics can drive, and wrote a scene where Wes takes Mary out to a special restaurant in Malibu, California. He definitely went Alpha male behind the wheel. It was a fun scene to write.

Perhaps the most amazing thing I learned while doing research for this book was about the invention of exoskeletons. The Robotic apparatus which looks kind of like a jet pack is carefully devised to stimulate the paraplegics legs, knees and ankles, assisting them to walk using grip sensitive canes.  Here is a picture to show how it works. No spoilers so I’m not going to say if or how I used this information in my story.

If you’d like to see more about this click on the picture and it will take you to an amazing article with a video.

 I discovered so much great information while writing this book, like bicycles made in Scandinavia specifically for para and quadriplegics to help with their circulation, which is one of the biggest issues for their continued health, and bouncy cots that help with, well, uh, let’s say for those private times with people you care deeply about, and so much more.  In fact, I got so in to doing research my editor had to politely tell me to cut back on the specifics. Yes, over-researched stories interfere with the book, or, in my case, the author’s putting too many details in fiction. Yes, I listened to my editor. 😉

I hope my excitement about my 19th Medical Romance, and my 24th published book for Harlequin (I’m currently working on #27) is contagious enough to make you check out the book and blurb.

May is an important month in USA. We celebrate Mother’s Day on the 14th. If you’ve got one, give her a hug or a call, and mail her a card, too! Also, May 6-13th is National Nurse Week, something I spent twenty-five years doing for a living. If you know a nurse tell him or her how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you!

That’s probably enough advice for now, so thanks for reading.

Until next time, make it a great one!







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