Well I can cross off one more item on my bucket list – I’ve finally flown first class.  I didn’t come by this easily, though.  Hadn’t planned on flying first class, because I’m just an average smoe who normally travels cattle style – you know in the back of the plane with all of the other folks.

My stroke of good luck occurred out of bad luck.  Yes, you read that right.  I had bought my ticket home and had both my locater and confirmation numbers, which apparently mean squat when a flight gets pulled from the airport.  It would have been nice if someone had notified my husband and me, but alas, life isn’t perfect.  So, the day before we are set to fly home, like a good little traveler, I went to the local Internet café and checked on our flight status.  Nada.  Zippo.  Zilch.  The message informed me my flight number didn’t exist.  What tha?

So I called the airlines I had thought I was flying with, waited the required millennium to speak to a human being, and found out that all of that particular airline’s flights had been pulled from this particular airport.  Again – what tha?

Was anyone planning on informing me?  Mumble, mumble on the other end.  I could hear frantic clicking and clacking on a keyboard over the phone as the agent scrambled to solve my problem.  There were some choices with another airline, which she attempted to book us for, but, darn! That first one was full.  Okay, off to choice number two – a 9:10 a.m. departure.  I was fine with whatever time they could give us, as long as we could go home.  Fortunately, there was room for us, but we wouldn’t be able to sit together.  Fine with me! I’d just spent an intense week of one-on-one time with my spouse, I could deal with sitting by myself on an airplane. Just send me home!

Here’s the catch – I had to go to this other airline’s website to get the actual tickets, but when I went there, the website prevented me from getting the e-ticket.  However, I saw our names on the 9:10 flight with our seats assigned.  I figured – okay, we’re in, we’ll just show up a little early in case there are any problems.

As it turned out, there were BIG problems.  The agent at the check-in window kept saying – there’s nothing here.  What did she mean?  She saw our names, and our flight, and our seats, but how could there be nothing there?

She said – “There’s no ticket.  No ticket has been issued.”

Yes.  That was why we were there to pick up our tickets.  “No,” she said “You’ll have to go to that other airline and have them issue you the tickets.”  We’re at the airport!  Where is the other airline located?  I was willing to do whatever it took to get on that 9:10 plane home, even if it meant playing beat the clock and jogging to another airlines to have our tickets issued.  Fortunately, Michelle, another agent, passed by and at Lois’ request, got involved.  More frantic clicking and clacking on the keyboard.  She hit those keys like they needed to be spanked.  The poor keys—I think just to avoid more abuse—finally spit out our tickets, and guess what? WE HAD FIRST CLASS SEATS!

So now I’ve flown with the elite.  I got coffee the minute I sat in my seat – with oodles of extra leg room and wide enough for any four hundred pounder to move freely without constraints! (not that I weigh four hundred pounds, but you get my point – you know how many of us seem to get stuck in the cattle section with a person who spills over into our coveted one-third of the row?  Ever notice how they get on first and lift the arm rest between the seats so they can spread out, like no one will notice?) But I digress.

Okay – we got breakfast!  We got lunch! On real plates with real silverware and cloth napkins. Served to us by a flight attendant who looked like she really wanted us to be happy. We got a warm towel handed to us before each meal!  We got warmed nuts in our own pretty little white ceramic bowls. We were served our choice of white or red wine with our lunch.  WE GOT WARM COOKIES! WARM. COOKIES.

Yup – cross that baby off my bucket list.  I don’t foresee myself ever actually popping for the privilege of flying first class again, but boy was it fun…just this once.

How about you?  Crossed anything off your bucket list lately? Tell me about it!

Just to let you know, the final key scene in An Indiscretion takes place in the first class section of an airplane on it’s way to the Philippines.  I hope you’ll check it out!

Until next week – make it a great one!




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6 Responses to FIRST CLASS!

  1. Dee J. says:


    It’s been years since I’ve flown first class and I only did a couple of times. I was stuck on the tarmac in Chicago for three hours and it was one of the best experiences of my life. LOL. Got some o.j. and cookies and warm towels… talked to my pal. It was like a starbucks date without the coffee. Glad your trip worked out for the best!

  2. Hi Dee J – Great story – but you know you could have asked that flight attendant to make you a pot of coffee and I’m sure he/she would have made and served it with a smile on his/her face!

    I wouldn’t want to be stuck on the tarmac anywhere, but being in first class must have really made it tolerable.

  3. robena grant says:

    This made me smile! I’m like Dee J. I’ve flown first class before, but not for an awfully long time. Being retired makes me hold on to my dollars. : ) But it is awesome isn’t it? My daughter had so many airline miles that she ended up flying to Australia in first, and she had one of those sleeper pods. She got to allow her brother to join her in the first class lounge, too. I declined, opting for spreading out in son’s seat and taking a nap. So it was a win-win for all of us.

    • Wow – Robena – I can only imagine how much first class to Australia would cost! Cool about a sleeper pod.

      The last time I flew to England (2005) I had an empty row on my way home, but even stretching across 3 seats to sleep didn’t help me get any real rest. I’m no good at sleeping on airplanes – neck pillows, or not. Would be curious to try a sleeping pod though. 🙂

  4. Maria Powers says:

    I’ve flown in first class once before. It was a think of beauty. Being tall, I’ll often pay the extra money for extra leg room on certain flights with United and Virgin America, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to pay the cost of 1st class yet on my own. Happy and lucky accidents have been it. Of course once I win the lottery, I’ll only fly first class. A girl has to have her WARM COOKIE dreams.

    Yea you! As for my bucket list. I don’t have much on it. I usually do what I want or work toward it. New things get put on and then crossed off. Currently I am still working on luxury backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. Another kind of first class experience.

    • Maria –
      Luxury backpacking? This I’ve never heard of before. Yes, the Appalachian Trail would be a great accomplishment for anyone with sturdy legs and several pairs of hiking boots!

      Please explain the luxury part?