If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Lynne Marshall

Cartoon mouse baker.Greetings from Lynne!  As I am on some very strict book deadlines, I have cut back my personal blogging to every other week, and will occasionally repost a blog I’ve written for other blog sites.

This blog is what I shared with the Love is the Best Medicine – Medical Authors blog a few weeks back.  It’s a fun story, a true one, and I hope you enjoy!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:

The other day I took my puppy to the pet store where he’d gone through obedience training to buy more food.  We ran into his trainer, and it was like a puppy love reunion.  Milo!  Dustin said, bending down for some puppy lovin’.  Milo’s tail wagged like it might fly off his bottom.  Before we left, Dustin gave Milo a cookie—a dog cookie that looked like a real cookie to me, like an Oreo with cream filling but pink outer cookie wafers instead of chocolate.  Dustin promised it was indeed for dogs, that it had peanut butter filling and practically zero sugar.

I wondered why a dog needed a cookie when they had biscuits, but maybe I’m old school.  It’s part of my aversion to anthropomorphism of our pets.  Though our beloved pets have distinct personalities, they are not human.  But I digress…


The way Milo went after that cookie, I had to smile and enjoy it along with him.  No, I didn’t try it, but Dustin swore he’d eaten one to see how it tasted.


A side note:  We have discovered that Milo loves small bits of apple, carrot, and cantaloupe.  I’d rather reward him with stuff like that, but I’m not one to be rude and refuse a gift obviously given with affection for my dog.

I let Milo have about half of the cookie and put the other half in a plastic bag on the counter for another treat time.  (Here’s our boy)1119021006

Flash forward to eight o’clock that night.  I took Milo out back for a potty break and left the sliding door on our patio open.  Later, while my husband and I were watching TV, we heard some scurrying.  Bill followed the sound into the kitchen and discovered mouse droppings on our counter and a mouse hiding behind our microwave.

EEEEK!  I cannot participate in such events and covered my eyes. Lalalalala.

The mouse—let’s call him Merlin—had his disappearing act down to perfection, and as we cleaned our counters with disinfectant I noticed that Merlin had eaten through the plastic back with Milo’s future treat, and had gotten the top wafer of the cookie halfway across our counter before dropping it on the windowsill once the chase was on.

Hmm, for a dog cookie that wasn’t supposed to be sugary, it sure got the attention of a backyard mouse in record time.

At the time of writing this blog post, the ongoing saga of man versus mouse continues.  Droppings, droppings everywhere, but ne’er a mouse to find.

*update at publishing date:  Husband – 1, Merlin – RIP.

The moral of this story is – Never leave the back sliding door open when peeing your dog at night, especially when you’ve left dog cookies on the counter.

How about you, do you give your dog treats that look like human cookies?  Do you have any fun mice stories to share?

And now – just because it is so beautiful and I am so proud of it – I want to share the book cover for my UK version of Making the Surgeon Smile – my June 2013 Harlequin Mills & Boon release. It’s available for preorder in UK here and US here513AVfPPuNL__SL500_AA300_

Until next time – make it a great one!




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