bigstock-Shy-Winter-Woman-2653917I’m writing this blog because I feel so bad about what just transpired.  Let me start by saying that every Sunday I leave church after hearing my Pastor recite some great things to remember as we “go out into the world”.  One of them is “Honor everyone you meet.”  I remind myself to do this, but not often enough. Sometimes little things slip by, and today I was reminded how important it is to ALWAYS honor those we meet…even the ones who bug us.

Let me preface this humbling experience by saying that I take a low impact aerobics class at my local gym and this class is mostly for women of a certain age.  I’ve noticed that women of a certain age tend to be nurturers.  I am very independent and can take care of myself, yet I found that others in the class would put my workout equipment away for me or the palates ball or hand weights, you name it, I’d turn my back and they’d want to help me by putting my stuff away. At first this bugged me, but I adjusted my attitude and decided it didn’t and that all of the lovely women wanted to do was look after me. It made them feel good. I got over it.

One week, the class was very full, and I started to set up my mat and weights and stretch band in the far corner.  It was by a lady with a great head of white hair that I imagined had been her pride and joy when she was a teenager and young woman.  She cautioned me about being too close to so-and-so, who wasn’t even there yet. Then she told me where I should set up.  I’d forgotten about the “looking out for each other” concept that us older broads tend to have.  I also recalled a couple other instances where I’d tried to talk with her and she was a tad testy. So that day I asked if there were assigned spots,(honest, I didn’t say it snarky) and she did the old “this is a free country” bit.  “Last I looked,” she said, “there aren’t any names on the floor.”  Okay, so I moved to the other side of the gym and made a point to avoid her from then on.  Who needed that stuff, right?

Then I noticed she didn’t come to class one day, and I actually felt relieved.  Whew, she isn’t here.  I can set up across the room if I want to. bigstock-Business-Person-Under-Stress-W-37921492

Her not being there once turned into a couple of months, and now I’ve just found out she’d been diagnosed with a tumor and died within a very short period of time.

And I was the twit who was relieved she hadn’t come to class that one week.


Shame on me.

All through my workout today I asked for forgiveness for my selfish heart, for my quick- to-write-off-people-who-bug-me attitude.  To say I am humbled by this life-teaching moment is an understatement.  I hope I won’t be so fast to pass judgment in the future just because a person does something that bugs me.  I’d give anything to have her in that class again with her beautiful white hair.


So if you’re listening, Big Guy, I could sure use some forgiveness.


Until next time, make it a great one,

A Very Humbled Lynne

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  1. robena grant says:

    I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself. Obviously the woman was a bit kvetchy and most likely because she was not well at the time. She saw a young spry thing like you and figured she’d let fly a few zingers. Oldies often do that. ; )
    Making this public is enough penance. You are now absolved. ; )