Vacation or Staycation?




The Bad News

I just filled my gas tank again, and I still can’t get used to paying nearly $4.00 a gallon.  This does not bode well for road trip vacations this year does it?  Can you imagine the cost of diesel fuel for RVs?


So what do we do when it costs too much to hit the road?  Ever try a STAY-cation?  A Staycation is sort of like a vacation where you don’t leave home.  No that doesn’t mean you’ll hang around the house all day watching TV, unless you really want to.  On a Staycation, you still get your paid vacation leave from work, but instead of paying hotels and motels, it’s more cost efficient plus you get to sleep in your bed.

My Own Bed?

Well, what’s so fun about that, you ask, I get to sleep in my own bed every old day.  Here’s the thing.  We can make staying home fun.  We just need to look at our hometowns the same way our relatives do when they come to visit.  That’s right, we need to become tourists in our hometowns.  How many times have we meant to visit nearby places of interest, but never made the time for it?  Think about something in your town or city that you’ve meant to go to but have never had the time?  Well, here’s your chance.  Your very own Staycation will give you the reason you’ve needed to do all the things you couldn’t find time to do in the past.  Visit that presidential library a town over, or drive north on a day trip to enjoy that small winery you’ve heard so much about.  How about taking the family to that water park down south fifty miles?  Or tour the cheese factory out west.  Did you ever want an excuse to go see the worlds biggest (you fill in the blank) sixty miles east?  Here’s your chance.

Can you say Day Trip?

Staycations can involve day trips to the beach, an amusement park, the local park for a picnic, or even a family bike ride to the new frozen yogurt place two miles away.  A
staycation can be a day out back by the pool (if you have one) or sitting in the shade in a lawn chair sipping iced tea and reading some sort of escape book.  A staycation can give you an excuse to spend all day at the new craft store in town taking a how-to class.  Or, this one might tug on the purse strings more than the rest, how about a marathon movie day with the family?

Think Outside the Box

The possibilities are as great as your imagination.  The main point is to be creative and think about your home town as if you’ve never been there before.  You’ll probably find a wealth of fun and inexpensive things to do.  It just takes a little planning and creativity, and the best part of all is, instead of suffering from road trip insomnia, you get to sleep in your own bed every night! And if you want to spice up the old bed, how about a fancy new set of sheets?

Nothing says vacation better than the summer beach read.  Why not make this summer’s beach read a road trip?

Lynne Marshall’s latest book, One for the Road, is an RV road trip story, a romance, and a mystery.  For an unedited excerpt of Chapter One go here.

Safe travels and hope to see you on the road!


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2 Responses to Vacation or Staycation?

  1. Robin says:

    Hi, Lynne! We did a staycation a few years ago and it was so much fun! We splurged a little and rented a convertible for the week, then went and did all sorts of local things – an amusement park, the beach, a museum, etc. Our goal was to get up each morning and spend the whole day together away from the house, and then get home to sleep in our own beds (which was really nice!). It was a great week.

    BTW, I’ve got One for the Road on my Kindle and can’t wait to read it!

    • Hi Robin – That’s exactly what I’m talking about. And your staycation sounded wonderful! My husband has always dreamed of renting a Corvette. Maybe we should take a min stay-cation and do it!

      Thanks so much for commenting. and THANK YOU for having One for the Road on your Kindle. I hope you enjoy the trip! (you don’t even have to leave home) 🙂