Halloween started like any other day. I was grateful we had good weather, that the wind from the night before had died down and the skies were clear. Good, I thought, the little kids won’t be cold tonight.

I opened my e-mail and saw Harlequin had sent out the quarterly royalty statement, then popped over to the Harlequin Author Network to have a look. I knew I was close after my last statement, but this time I’d made it.

As of June 2018, I have sold 1, 014,796 books worldwide, including translations.

I pointed out that fact to my husband and we hugged. That, plus the numbers on the pages, was enough affirmation for the day.

For twelve years, since my first Harlequin book was published in September 2006, I have diligently written and published twenty-seven books and the sales numbers slowly added up until today when I can say I’ve sold a million books.


Now on to the rest of this Halloween like no other.

My husband and I bought over 600 pieces of candy to hand out last night. Because we live on a long straight street in a safe neighborhood, people bring their kids from far and wide on Halloween. We love seeing all the costumes, especially on the little ones, but also on the creatively minded older kids who come up with their own inventions. Nonstop children came to our door, sometimes in groups of twenty, others in a long stream of forty or more passed through. We were out of candy by 8:20 p.m. A new record!

Sometime around 8 p.m. I cried while handing out the goodies. Not because we were almost out of candy, but because of something my Publisher, Jane Porter from TULE, posted on my timeline.

I’d hit the USA Today Bestseller list with Their Christmas Miracle, last November’s Christmas book.

I’d had a hopeful plan in mind when I’d asked about taking a 99cent deal with Bookbub. TULE agreed to help support me on that plan, and last week I watched my sales soar (for me anyway) on Amazon, and the several other sites where the book was on sale.

I talked to friends and found out it takes a heck of a lot of books to sell in one week to make the cut, and my hope flickered a bit. I was still glad I’d tried.

I had planned to check the list first thing this morning to see if I’d made it, but Jane saved me hours and hours of wondering. I’d made the list!

God had a cute way of keeping me humble, too. (Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?) Well, the list writers did anyway. They misspelled my book title. “Their Christmas Miracles” they’d posted instead of Miracle. But the more I think about it, that title is spot on, because it sure feels like a miracle to me to be there. Add the book’s miracle and my personal miracle and, turns out they got the title right after all.

I’m still levitating with excitement, which makes it hard to write this blog, but I had to share! Now I’m off to update all my bios with USA Today Bestselling author.

Thanks for buying and reading my books!

Until next time, make it a great one,
USA Today Bestselling Author 

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  1. Connie Porter Saunders says:

    Woot! Woot! So happy for you. Congratulations!!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Connie. I was stunned (gobsmacked) but have been smiling ever since. I knew it was a long shot, but this little plan of mine worked out!

  2. Christine says:

    YAYAYAYAY! I’m SO glad you made it, you have no idea. Lots of love and hugs to you!

    • admin says:

      After we met and chatted, I think I had instinctively done some of what you learned recently. There is much more to do in preparation for lists, but I think I enjoyed my ignorant reach for the prize better. LOL. Ignorance is bliss right?

  3. Maria Powers says:

    You had the best Halloween and your story gives me chills. It shows that hard work and perseverance will get you to the mountain top still.

    Thank you for being my inspiration.

    • admin says:

      Absolutely Maria. I have consistently plodded along. As I said to Christine over coffee the other day, I am not a 5 star writer, I’m a good enough writer. That has been the theme of my life, now that I look back. Way back I was a good enough singer and dancer. (not good enough in that world) But in real life, I’ve been a good enough nurse, a good enough wife and mother, and it has all paid off. This second career has been one big hoot (along with a lot of groans).
      I look forward to jumping up and down with you in the near future over your successes.

  4. Pamela DuMond says:

    Congrats Lynne!

    That is terrific and well deserved!

  5. Dee J. Adams says:

    I could not be any happier for you! Can’t wait to celebrate!!

    • admin says:

      Buddy – you’ve heard every side to this story, but there is more to share! We will have a good talk tomorrow. Maggie Marr reminded me it’s important to celebrate, so we will. You, me, and Robena! Bill is taking me out to dinner tonight. 😉

  6. Could not have happened to a more deserving writer. Your hard work, talent, and perseverance have paid off… a MILLION BOOKS, AND the best-sellers list. Way to go!!

  7. Teri McGill says:

    WOW! That is truly an impressive milestone. Kudos!

  8. Robena Grant says:

    So we’ll deserved, Lynne. You put in the work and it paid off. I’m so proud of you and happy for this, or these, successes. Congratulations! I’ll look forward to celebrating with you and Dee J tomorrow evening.

  9. Congratulations–to me, you’ll always be “one-in-a-million”!!!