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Now back to previously scheduled blogging!

Crazy as it seems, it’s Christmas in July at my house.

I’ve been fortunate enough to sign on for two more books with TULE publishing, and part of the lure was to write a Christmas story.

I haven’t done that in years, and Charity, Montana seemed like the perfect setting.

For those who’ve read my first TULE book – HER BABY, HIS LOVE, you may remember a guy named Hunter and a lady named Tracy. Hunter was the head cook at Donna Lee’s Diner, and was also in Joe Collins’ accountability group. They’d met while in prison. Tracy was the RN at the urgent care clinic where Taylor worked when she moved to town.

Upon hearing about the new book in the works, one person said, “I didn’t see that coming.”

They were right, neither had I, until I was schooled on miniseries versus standalone books at TULE. I learned that linked books tend to do much better with sales, and Christmas books even better than that, so…in the latter part of spring I proposed a Christmas book.

Amazingly, TULE was willing to work with me on the short deadline and lead time in order to have an early November release. This is the part about small independent publishers that really appeals to me, their flexibility with scheduling.

So, it’s July, we’re in the middle of a crazy heatwave in Southern California, and I’m thinking parkas, snow, cozy cabins, cocoa, Christmas trees and holiday catering. What fun! As it happens, that’s the perfect antidote to distract me from the dang heat. Plus I’m loving the story I’ve come up with for Hunter Wood and Tracy Blevins. No one may have seen it coming, not even me, but turns out they’re perfect for each other. Now all I have to do is convince them.


Extremely short and abbreviated setup for the book plot:

Hunter Wood has started his own café in Charity, Montana. Six months ago, his buddy Joe Collins married Taylor Clarke, and he catered the small event, which gave him the courage to venture off by himself. At the wedding, he worked with Tracy who was in charge of the wedding cake. He’d also heard she baked delicious pies, so when he leased a small diner, he asked Tracy to bake pies daily for him. They’re a big hit with his customers, too. Over the past six months they’ve become friends, but secretly each wishes for more. Just after Thanksgiving, a tragic accident happens and a little boy winds up an orphan. Hunter Wood is his godfather…

I’ll let your imagination take over from there, and I hope you’ll consider reading this Christmas story, which will be out in time for the holidays 2017, a story that is quickly becoming a book of my heart!


I hope I’ve piqued your interest in reading this book. No need to have read, Her Baby, His Love first, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if you did! 

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Until next time, make it a great one

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2 Responses to CHRISTMAS IN JULY

  1. Robena Grant says:

    It sounds terrific, Lynne. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to the read, and it will put me in the right mood for the holidays. Hard to believe we’re even mentioning that word, but before we know it…