Do You Prefer the Bedroom Door Open or Closed? (when reading fiction)

bigstock-Lovely-Decorative-Pillow-Do-No-8732548Recently I got lambasted by a reader at Goodreads who held nothing back in her review of The Medic’s Homecoming, my July 2013 Special Edition.  I understand that we are from different cultures, but she seemed to hold my western standards in distaste.  Her main complaint?  My heroine wasn’t a virgin. (Trust me, there were many more complaints, but this is the one I’m focusing on for the sake of the blog.)

This made we wonder about the levels of sensuality that Special Edition readers might prefer.  I happen to write for two Harlequin Lines – SE and Medical Romance, and both lines are lenient in the level of sensuality for their books.  Some books could qualify for traditional romance and are quite chaste.  While others push the hot hot hot button.  I tend to write somewhere in the middle.  At least, that is how I gauge myself.


I feel the first intimate encounter between the hero and heroine is of paramount importance, then after that, another scene that shows how they’ve progressed from the first passionate connection to making love, and loving each other.  If there are other times in the book where it is apparent they’ve been together, I don’t feel the need to go into detail for the reader.

I write this blog with interest, as I find as I evolve as a writer, I may want to pull back the lens from love scenes, and I think Special Edition is the perfect place to do that.  What do you think?

So my shout out today for the readers is – Do you prefer the bedroom door left open or closed?  If you want to tell why, that’s great.

And for the writers – Do you write some books hotter than others, or do you write at the same heat level for all of your books? Does the story dictate the bedroom door policy? If you have varied your heat level in subsequent books, have you ever received reader feedback on it?  Does you editor suggest you stay at that same heat level for subsequent books?


R.T. Reviews had this to say about The Medic’s Homecoming:  “—the love scenes are incendiary.”  I was surprised but very pleased to read that.


Until next time, make it a great one!



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One Response to Do You Prefer the Bedroom Door Open or Closed? (when reading fiction)

  1. robena grant says:

    I try to write sex scenes as sensual scenes, although sometimes I get carried away. Ha ha. As a reader, I find I often skim over sex scenes. I much prefer the sensual build to the act itself, and then the conversation afterward. I could well do without reading the graphic details of who put what where. ; )