DOGS ON THE RUN by Lynne Marshall

Pearson Falls, Saluda, NC

Pearson Falls, Saluda, NC

This past April, my husband and I took a two week trip back to North Carolina to visit some of his friends, and our son.  We had to leave Mighty Milo home with my daughter and son-in-law where he got to play with his favorite canine, Maxwell the big friendly Lab.0209031604


Milo was only 9 months old at the time, and it was hard to leave him, but off we went.  The trip was great, but what made it so special was getting to meet some new dogs.


First stop was Bill’s bicycling buddy, who owns horse property in Columbus.  Fred and his wife Susan, (who happens to write lovely children’s books), are the proud owners of these two lovely Vizlsas, Mocha and Java.  Java happened to be nine months old just like my Milo, and though he was big, he liked to play like a puppy.  Poor Mocha was one tolerant old dog having to put up with all of Java’s pestering.


When we returned home, I discovered that Milo used the exact same techniques to get Max to play with him.  What is that technique you ask?  Puppy bites to the legs, tails, ears, dog jowls and lips.  Just like little boys in school trying to get the girl’s attention by pulling pony tails or braids.  Notice me!  Notice me!

2013051095112906Our second stop was Calabash with hubby’s childhood friend.  They didn’t own a pet of any kind, and I have to admit, though the visit was great and the nearby beaches were beautiful, not having a pet around made me pine for Milo all the more.


Our last stop was at my son’s new home in Durham.  His girlfriend’s dogs were Clouseau (Clou pronounced Clue for short) some sort of border collie mix and Baylee part pit bull and something else much more docile, lab maybe?  Clou is the senior member of this duo, and she let Baylee know every chance she got to respect her elders.  One of the ways she took control was to find all of Baylee’s toys and lay on them. 2013051695180911

Baylee was sweet and lovable and really let me get to know her.  She loved to play fetch with a tennis ball, and over and over I happily received the slobbery ball, only to throw it again. When my son got a nasty stomach virus during our visit, the dogs remained by his side on his bed all day long.  Now that’s devotion.

Of course coming home to Milo was the biggest treat of all.  Our reunion was frantic DSC02390and full of tail wagging, jumping around and dog kisses. On the road, I discovered that having some fun, furry friends to play with and hug turned out to be a great way to deal with missing my own dog.


What do you do with your dog or cat or other pet when you travel?

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2 Responses to DOGS ON THE RUN by Lynne Marshall

  1. robena grant says:

    Oh, I missed this post. Busy time at Casa Robena. Came over today to see what you were up to. : ) I love dog stories and found the one about Clou snagging all of Baylee’s toys, and then sleeping on them so adorable. Miss my Nikki such a lot, but still not quite ready to seek another pup. Maybe next year. Like you, next time around it will be a small dog.

  2. Hey Robena,
    Comments are usually ghost city around here, so no big worries. Thanks for reading and commenting. I look forward to meeting whatever your next dog will be!