img_3924-jpg-mtNeither had I. Sure I’d heard of Fargo (had seen the movie) and knew the weather was extreme in the winters, but beyond that…it never occurred to go. Until hubby was on a quest to visit every one of the fifty states and he was down to the last three. (Look out Arkansas, you’re last on Bill’s list!)

To our delight, North Dakota was as beautiful as Montana and though we only stepped foot inside for two days we saw plenty.



Our main goal was to visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora. Such a beautiful place in the badlands, and the place President Roosevelt went to heal and mourn the death of his wife and mother (who died on the same day!) when he was only a young man of twenty-five or six. His time of solace in ND changed his life and rooted in him the need to preserve the natural beauty of our country. He is the president who pushed for National Parks and, in my opinion, deserves his bust on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, along with Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson.



Our card playing friends recommended, while we were in ND, that we go to the “famous” Medora Musical. Oh, and don’t forget to get your pitchfork fondue steak first, they said.


What? Now we were intrigued. And we weren’t disappointed on either count. img_3885-jpg-nd


The Medora Musical gives a tourist a first class taste of Americana. The weather was perfect the night we visited the outdoor theater, and all of the young performers had good voices (a couple of them had great voices!). If you’re ever in that part of the country, and are looking for some good old fashioned entertainment, stop in!




We also stayed in the city of Dickinson, ND, a town of approximately 20,000 population, but with a lot of construction going on. An interesting thing at the local Applebee’s was almost the entire wait staff was from Serbia! How do I know that? Our waitress had a great personality and by her accent I suspected she was from Russia, so I asked. Turns out they’d been in the US on work visas for four years and Serbia isn’t nearly as cold as North Dakota, so she, her brother and a few friends and cousins had some adjusting to do. Another interesting comment she made was how the people in Dickinson seemed so upbeat and content, something she no longer saw back home. She said people in Serbia were concentrating on surviving so being friendly wasn’t a high priority. Count our blessings folks!

Though I was glad to get back home, I thoroughly enjoyed our ten-day road trip through Montana (see October 1st blog) and North Dakota. Every one of the fifty states have their share of beauty, and thanks to Teddy Roosevelt, there are National Parks all over our country to visit. Put ND on your calendar!

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Until next time, make it a great one!


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