Getting Used to Being Me

After catchin10710741_10153227531464062_175066825557071363_ng myself say this while watching Jeopardy the other night: “I was going to say George Carlin, but I couldn’t think of his name.” I’ve decided it’s time to re-evaluate the “me” I’ve become.



It’s not all bad.  Turns out I’m good at being a Grandma.  When told my two year old granddaughter, Thea, woke up one morning saying this:  “Trucks wake me up. Beep beep beep.” I’m proud as punch to know at twenty-six months of age, she is speaking in sentences, and though giving the credit to her parents, I also pat myself on the back for singing The Wheels on the Bus with her all the times she asks me to.  The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep.


Talking and reading and singing to our grandkids is soooo important!

So, on those many times where I have to consult my favorite thesaurus in order to come up with the exact word for what I’m writing, and by the time I find it, I forget that perfect sentence I’d planned to use it in…







I will choose to go easy on myself instead of withdrawing from the human race

11987115_1294635350641395_2391152954603421360_nRather than becoming a recluse, I’m gonna keep chugging along embarrassing myself with delays in conversations while I remember what I started out to say, inadvertently repeating the same story to the same person again and again, and insisting I need ten seconds longer to fish the answers out of the deep recesses of my brain while playing along on TV Jeopardy.

White Wine And Grapes

I also intend to take time to smell those flowers and taste the wine along the rest of the journey of my life.



Until next time, make it a great one,


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