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Many authors have a love-hate relationship with GoodReads the website where readers keep track of the books they’ve read, rate them and sometimes write reviews.  An author has to learn very quickly to let many of the hard-to-take ratings roll off her back.  I’ve certainly felt the sting of many reader ratings for various books of mine.

I’d like to share two of my favorite reader reviews for FALLING FOR THE MOM-TO-BE posted at the GR website.

Falling for the Mom-to-Be
by Lynne Marshall (Goodreads Author)


Susan‘s review

May 07, 15

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Read in May, 2015

Very good story of two people who learn to open themselves up to love after being hurt in the past. Leif has become a loner since the death of his wife. He never wants to feel that kind of pain again, so he immerses himself in work instead. Marta has come to Heartlandia to paint a mural of the town’s history. She recently broke up with the man she’d been with for five years, after his less than enthusiastic response to her pregnancy. For the immediate future she plans to concentrate on her art and her baby, and avoid any entanglements with a guy.

I really liked Leif. He’s still grieving and has withdrawn from a lot of life, but he’s a good man at heart. He loves his hometown and has used his wealth for the benefit of the town. He is paying for the town mural and also plans to house the artist in his own home. He doesn’t expect her to be stunningly beautiful and to be attracted to her. He fights the attraction because he can’t picture loving someone else. It was a losing battle from the start, as his plans to avoid her crumble in the face of his craving to be near her. When he finds out about her pregnancy, his protective instincts come out.

Marta took the mural job because the idea fascinated her, and also because she needed a new start for her life. She had spent five years basically being supported by the man who was her benefactor as well as her lover. When she discovered she was pregnant, his response made her realize that they wanted different things from life. While she has not closed herself off to the idea of falling in love again, for now she wants to remain free. Her attraction to Leif is unwelcome because it reminds her too much of what she just ended. She was afraid of losing herself and her independence in a similar relationship.

I loved the growing relationship between Leif and Marta. She comes to accept the attraction more quickly and tells herself that she can enjoy being with him while keeping her heart free. I liked the way that she saw past the loner exterior of Leif to the loving man inside. Leif’s resistance folds gradually, as first he realizes he likes Marta’s company and presence in his home, then that he wants her in a way that he hasn’t wanted anyone since his wife. I liked the way they started out more as friends as they got to know each other. I liked seeing them appreciate the other’s talents, their similarities and their differences. Once the attraction flared up, things really started to move along. Marta’s feelings for Leif turned quickly to love, but she felt that she couldn’t fight Leif’s unwillingness to let go of his grief. Leif was surprised to find that his grief was growing less every day and that the idea of asking Marta to stay had greater and greater appeal. But their agreement had been no strings and he was reluctant to put his heart on the line when he had no indication that she wanted to stay. I loved seeing each of them have their “a-ha!” moment and realize what they were going to give up. Leif was especially sweet with his big moment.

I also enjoyed the conclusion of the story about the pirate trunks and the effect they had on the town. I liked seeing how various people dealt with the news. The section dealing with the treasure and the Indian burial ground was really interesting and I loved how it was handled. I hope that there will be a story involving Elke and Ben, because it seemed like there was something going on there.

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Falling for the Mom-to-Be
by Lynne Marshall (Goodreads Author)


Virginia Campbell‘s review

Jun 14, 15

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Read in June, 2015

When author Lynne Marshall tells a tale, she tells it well, and her “Home in Heartlandia” contemporary romance series is an entertaining blend of intrigues of the past and the cultural diversity of today’s world. Leif Anderson is a rich widower, a successful builder whose personal life has become progressively reclusive. While he still maintains his active involvement in community affairs, his heart clings to the memory of his late wife, Ellen. He is thrown off-kilter when the artist hired to paint murals depicting the history of Heartlandia on the local college campus turns out to be an irresistible, spirited beauty. Marta Hoyas has made the trek from Sedona, Arizona to this unique coastal Oregon community to make a new start–both professionally and in her personal life. Her recent long-term involvement with a man who was also her mentor had ended with their differences over her unexpected pregnancy. Since she will be staying in Leif’s home until the murals are completed, they can’t help but spend time getting to know each other. Leif has been widowed for three years, and having beautiful, emotional, and forward-thinking Marta so close and so tempting is unlocking the gated enclosure of his heart. Marta is equally struck by this rugged, masculine, mannerly man with his Viking good looks and mesmerizing blue eyes. Both of them have many of their own personal issues to resolve, but the attraction between them has a mind of its own, and a sweetly sizzling involvement quickly ensues. The tenderness and temptation they experience is not without tension–questions from both of their pasts must be answered before they can hope for a future filled with happiness. Will Fate bow to the power of Love to heal and bind hearts together? Will the community of Heartlandia itself find its own happily-ever-after? If you love contemporary romance with compelling characterizations and involving storylines, then you will highly enjoy the “Home in Heartlandia” series from wonderfully-gifted writer Lynne Marshall.

Review Copy Gratis Author

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As you probably guessed, I did a whole lot of smiling when I read these reviews.

Thanks for letting me share!


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