Gotta Love Those Foreign Covers!

Making the Surgeon Smile - PolandIt’s always a kick to discover a book, perhaps written several years ago, or maybe just last year, coming out in a foreign country.  I’ve been blessed with having my books translated into eight or nine different languages, the most unusual being Estonian!

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the current and upcoming book covers getting released out into the world.

This cutie doc to the left is the Polish version for Making the Surgeon Smile, a book I wrote for the NYC Angels continuity a few years back.


Now let’s move on with Scandinavia.  This one I believe is Swedish, though the book – American Surgeon in London, part of the 200 Harley Street continuity – is also being released in Denmark, Finland and Norway in May.  9789164096906It’s also going out to Italy in May as Un Americano a Londra.Un-americano-a-Londra_hm_cover_big

I absolutely adore this cover model for the French anthology Medecin et papa, where I have the good fortune to share with Abagail Gordon and Lucy Clark.  My contribution a book I wrote several years ago – Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family, but going with title for France – Séduisant imprévu à l’hôpital, Lynne Marshall, May 2015.


And another anthology I have the privilege to be a part of with more amazing authors is:

A & E Affairs 91zinKBNczL__SL1500_

Check out the line up!  Carol Marinelli, Lynne Marshall, Amy Andrews, , Kate Hardy, Joanna Neil, and Laura Iding.  Oh, and I looked it up, A & E stands for Accident and Emergency, what we’d call in the states ER or Emergency Department stories.

Temporary Doctor, Surprise Father is also currently out in e-book for the first time ever in North America with this lovely cover:

91ggLCdXJgL__SL1500_You can bet, I count my blessings every time I discover a new foreign title and book cover.  It’s so much fun!


So there they are, an assortment of my books to discover by readers who may never have noticed me before.  Fingers crossed they’ll like what they read.


Until next time, make it a great one!

Me at a recent booksigning.ME IMG_1307


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2 Responses to Gotta Love Those Foreign Covers!

  1. robena grant says:

    Lovely. I love them all, and I’ve read and enjoyed all of your books. I forgot to check out those new bookmarks at the conference. Next time. 😉

  2. As always, thank you, Robena!

    I’m sending a large batch of bookmarks to the Los Angeles Festival of Books for the Romance Authors’ booth to hand out.