Happy New Year! Now let’s get crackin’ by Lynne Marshall


New Year, new me:

The beauty of the New Year is it ushers in a clean slate.  It’s a fresh start for each and every one of us.  Most of us feel positive about our new beginning, and that our lives can get better, and we look forward to proving just that in 2013.

I have a full writing plate ahead of me, and I am grateful beyond words.  For those who don’t know, I recently signed a three book contract to write more books for Harlequin Special Edition.  Add that to the two books I’ve already promised to Harlequin Medicals and I will be busy for the next year and a half! Yet after having written twenty books, I still have this nagging insecurity that wants to pop up and say – “You can’t do it.  You’ll never write all of those books.”

Many writers suffer from overwhelming insecurity to the point of creating writer’s block.  Fortunately, I’ve learned that when I stall out my subconscious is still on the job resolving writing issues and finding answers that I oftentimes didn’t even know I needed. Once I resolve the issue in my head—and it can be anything from major plot changes to very minor story changes—I can move forward.

In order to experience success, I’ve found that I have to not only do the work, but I must believe I can do it.  Doubting my humble writing ability is fruitless.

Positive and Practical

This past year a very positive personality in the U.S.named Zig Ziglar passed away (November 28th 2012).  He would best be described as a motivational speaker.  His advice made sense, and that is probably why it rang true with so many people.  In this age of feelings over reason, I believe we need more guides like double Z!

Here’s a sample of his thoughts on motivation:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.
Read more here.

Have a big decision to make?  How about using these guidelines from Mr. Ziglar before you make any huge changes?  HERE

Because I know the world would be a better place if more people were successful (I don’t only mean monetary success, I mean personal integrity and earned self-esteem), I’d like to share his thirty qualities for success.

Pretty good stuff, right?

Do you have any favorite quotes to share for the New Year?  I’d love to hear them.

My sincerest wish for each of you is for positive personal growth in 2013.

Happy New Year!

Let’s make it a great one,


Lynne’s current book is an over-forty, second chance at romance story.

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.  Read more about it here


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4 Responses to Happy New Year! Now let’s get crackin’ by Lynne Marshall

  1. Robena Grant says:

    Oh, I love this. Should have visited before posting my whiny blog about setting goals. Ha ha. I have no idea where this came from, but I have a saying stuck to my computer: There is no room for self-doubt, so put unwavering faith in your ability to make your dreams come true.

    Here’s to an amazing 2013! For you, your family, and all of your readers.

    • I love that quote, Robena, even if we don’t know who said it – it is very apropos. 🙂

      We are lucky to make a small portion of our dreams come true, yes?

  2. Dee J. says:

    Happy New Year, Lynne! What a big year you have in front of you too! So happy for you and your multi-book deal! Whoo-hoo!

    Hey… With a name like Zig, how can someone not heed his advice? LOL.

  3. Hi Dee J!
    Thanks. Yeah, a kid strapped with Zig Zigler for a name would have to rise to the challenge, wouldn’t he?

    No favorite quotes?