It’s true, I am fascinated with zombies.the-walking-dead-poster

I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, absolutely loved Warm Bodies, thoroughly enjoy Zombieland, laughed my butt off in Shaun of the Dead, got a real kick out of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and had the beans scared out of me in World War Z and 28 Hours Later. So it has been a stealthy plan of mine for a long time, to put them in a book at some point.

R and the girl


Zombies in a Medical Romance, you say? How did that get through?

“Vee have vays” (to be said with a bad German accent)

No Seriously

How does a writer get zombies in a Harlequin Medical Romance?

Huge build up including DRUM ROLL!

I included a Zombie Run. Sorry to let you down a bit, but I had to be somewhat practical.

Business Man Running With Zombie

So, what are Zombie Runs? They’re the big craze, thanks to all of the above mentioned (but mostly The Walking Dead) shows. People want to have the wits scared out of them while being chased by zombies. As always, business savvy and inventive people came up with a way to accommodate them. And I came up with a way to put it in a book.

Zombie Runs!

Yes, these will probably imitate a comet and burn bright for a while then fizzle out, but for now, people are loving them!

How Did I do It?

Fairly close to the beginning of my book, I have my lovely heroine, Charlotte—who happens to be a pathologist, so she was perfect for the zombie aspect—take part in a fundraiser 5 and 10K run for the hospital where she works. Employees could pay extra to get made up as zombies and chase the real runners as they participated in the foot race.


I was overjoyed when my editor let that stay in the book, but I wisely made that part a turning point scene. Other writers will know what I mean about “turning point” but to explain a bit for romance readers: It is a scene where something happens between the two main characters that changes the course of their relationship. The Zombie Run scene in WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC, certainly did that. I hope you’ll read the book to find out how.

But Wait There’s More!

To make the book even more influenced by Zombie shows, I chose Andrew Lincoln as the prototype for my hero – Jackson Hilstead III, M.D. Oh, yeah, I had fun where I could in this otherwise tragic and dramatic story. A writer’s got to keep her sanity some way, right?

See a resemblance here? I do!330px-Andrew_Lincoln_2012









Here’s a bit about my book: WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC (part of the Summer Brides duet with Susan Carlisle in the UK – see above left in book banner)

It started at a wedding…

Since her recent lifesaving—and life-changing—operation, Charlotte Johnson has steered clear of romance…but brooding Jackson Hilstead is too delicious to resist! Surely some harmless flirting with the sexy army doc can’t hurt?

Charlotte knows Jackson has his own emotional battles to fight, but she believes they can be stronger together. So when she accepts his invitation to a family wedding, Charlotte hopes it’s a sign that one day she’ll be walking down the aisle…with Jackson by her side!

Here’s another place it’s on sale in both print and e-book format

Thanks for reading!


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