In Need of a tutorial on Zombies

No, zombies have not invaded my sleepy little city, though that face-eating incident way across the country in Miami last Friday was very disturbing to read about.  Also, I have seriously been thinking about signing up for crossbow training.

The thing is, my daughter has recently introduced me to the first season of The Walking Dead, and though I am already hooked on the show, my questions about zombies keep stacking up.

Admittedly, my zombie knowledge is lacking.  Basically, I saw The Night of the Living Dead when I was a kid, which scared the crap out of me.  More recently I saw and loved, Sean of the Dead and Zombieland.  I took those movies as pure entertainment, and paid little attention to the invention of zombies.

With this new television series, I’ve had time to consider the plight of a zombie, and my questions are many.

  • How did the first zombie come to be? (I know how new ones are created)
  • If they never die, and they can’t find people or animals to eat, are there      skeleton zombies?
  • Do zombies eat other zombies?
  • They appear to be able to smell and hear.  Do they see?
  • Do they sleep?
  • They appear to be very weak, i.e. not able to break through walls, windows or doors, yet they can walk for miles and miles, why?
  • Why do you have to kill the brain to make them stop?
  • Is their only purpose on earth to wander around looking for food? (or sniffing for live meat)
  • How come there aren’t naked zombies?
  • Why don’t they starve to death?
  • Can zombies fall in love?

I’m sure as I continue to watch this interesting series I’ll have more questions, but these are my starters.

So please, if you could answer some of these basic queries, I’d be forever grateful. Or maybe you have a few questions you’d like answered, too, so add them to the list, and maybe a zombie expert will stop by and answer all of them.

Until next week, make it a great one and watch out for zombies!


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12 Responses to In Need of a tutorial on Zombies

  1. robena grant says:

    I’ve never read or watched anything to do with zombies, and seriously have no desire to do so. Sorry, I’m of no help. You are a braver woman than I am because I’d have nightmares for sure. Amazing how our kids can sway us though. ; )

    • LOl, Robena. I have to admit I’m hooked on this show. The apocalypse and survival seem to be a favorite theme these days. I wonder if it’s because of all the gloom and doom from the climate change people?

      I have had unusual dreams, but none like your gray spiders etc after you started reading Too Close for Comfort! 🙂 What was up with that?

  2. amy o'neal says:

    omg i love the walking dead…..but im unclear on those things as well. i mean why are there no zombie animals?????
    How did the first zombie come to be? (I know how new ones are created) supposedly a virus or something (thats in season 1)
    If they never die, and they can’t find people or animals to eat, are there skeleton zombies? hmm good quesiton but then again they look like skeltons because most of there meat is already gone.
    Do zombies eat other zombies? no because they are attracted to fresh blood and meat
    They appear to be able to smell and hear. Do they see?
    Do they sleep?
    They appear to be very weak, i.e. not able to break through walls, windows or doors, yet they can walk for miles and miles, why? the ones on the walking dead if theres enough of them they can push through doors and stuff
    Why do you have to kill the brain to make them stop? i think thats where the problem started was a mutation in the brain (not sure)
    Is their only purpose on earth to wander around looking for food? (or sniffing for live meat) guess so lol
    How come there aren’t naked zombies? ewww who wants to see that!
    Why don’t they starve to death?
    Can zombies fall in love? lol now that would be funny to see one zombie courting another. (here i brought you a fresh possum) 2nd zombie sniffing (ohhh that smells wonderful LOL!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Amy! Thanks for a good laugh. I guess I should just suspend my logic and go with the flow.

      I get that in The Walking Dead, some horrific disease swept the country or maybe the world even. Some people got the disease and died, others became zombies. This is the leap of faith I’ll just have to settle for and enjoy the drama of this unique group of people becoming a tribe and trying to survive post apocalypse. Now I suppose I’ll have to watch the second season and catch up to the third.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  3. RLThomas says:

    The zombies of today are considerably different from the original Haitian/African zombies which were simply animated corpses brought “back to life” through witchcraft. Being dead, it cannot die; but destroying the brain (I assume) will “kill” it by disconnecting the magical connection. Today’s zombies are mutated humans, still living, but greatly altered. I’m guessing you never saw Will Smith’s “I am Legend”. It’s been a while, but I remember liking its explanations to many of your questions. (Each storyteller adds their own spin to things, just like for today’s vampires and werewolves.)

    The Patient Zero zombie is typically created unintentionally, most often naturally via virus or plague, but sometimes through man’s ineptitude and an experiment or groundbreaking potential cure gone wrong. Universally, I believe, the ailment is passed on through blood contact of the victim with the infected via a bite or, in some versions, a scratch. Total zombiehood occurs in a matter of minutes to several hours or even days, depending on the story. But once infected, there is no cure. I don’t believe it’s still a universal theme that a current-day zombie must have its brain destroyed in order to die. Though it is, I believe, always the brain which is most corrupted, turning them into brutal “inhuman” creatures. (The dreaded Reavers in Joss Whedon’s series “Firefly” and film “Serenity” are modern-day zombies.)

    No zombie animals — they’re food, or mostly die from the ailment rather than altering.
    Skeleton zombies — Good question. I believe that all modern-day zombies eventually die (from starvation, disease, injury, etc.), since they’re technically alive. As for the walking dead, I’m guessing that their flesh would continue to rot, but once the brain is gone, so is the magical connection that animates them.
    Zombie cannibalism — Ewww! Tainted meat is bad for your health! And can’t taste very good. (Apparently brains are a delicacy … the smarter the better!)
    Smell, hear, eat, sleep — Yes, and sometimes freakishly well.
    Weak — Not universally. More and more, zombies have superhuman strength. Think hunger-frenzied shark in human form.
    Zombie Purpose — To survive. (Originally, to do the typically evil bidding of the animator.)
    No naked zombies — C’mon! Too much trouble for the makeup artists, of course! Can you imagine the time it takes to do even the faces, arms, and legs of all those extras!
    Zombie Love — I like to think so. Even the walking dead need a little tenderness. <3

    • Hi RL!
      Wow, very helpful and fun response. I did see I Am Legend and thought those beings were vampires since they only came out at night. However, there were those weird things that invaded his house at the end. Gives me chills.
      I guess I’ll have to rent that one again.

      Thanks so much for the input. I can see where every writer might enlarge the world building on the zombie front.

      Definitely food for thought…or zombies


      • RLThomas says:

        Ah, I can see it now. Zombie Nurse — where the brilliant infectious disease specialist fights to develop a cure before his beloved assistant succumbs completely to the ravages of the mutant virus. 😀

        • OR – the brilliant infectious disease nurse (who happens to be a cross-bow champion in her private life) discovers the cause of the mysterious fevers and subsequent disappearance of half of the hospital staff.
          to be continued…