Introducing Heartlandia


Dear Readers,

Welcome to Heartlandia, the little town with a big secret.  I’m so excited to kick off the series with A Doctor for Keeps.   Sometimes a story comes to mind that challenges the heart and soul of the author.  This is one such story.  With trepidation, I undertook telling Desdemona Rask’s tale.  A biracial daughter of a Scandinavian mother and African-American father, she grew up solely with her mother on the road in the Midwest.  Deep in her heart Desi longs to find her family and her roots. After her mother dies she heads to her Scandinavian Grandmother’s house in the town from which her mother ran away. A whole new world opens up to Desi in Heartlandia, which is nestled along the Oregon coast by the Columbia River. There, a precocious eight year old named Steven becomes her first piano student.  Next she meets his father, the strikingly Swedish doctor next door, and that’s when the fireworks begin.

Being a single father of a super active son, and running the local Urgent Care, Kent Larson hardly has time to breathe let alone fall in love.  When the exotically lovely daughter of his childhood babysitter arrives in town, new life gets infused into Kent’s heart.  But how can he trust his heart again when his wife of seven years walked out on him and his son without so much as a glance over her shoulder?  How wise is it to fall for a woman who has just set foot in town and is already searching for a way out through her family tree?

Enjoying the love and friendship of her grandmother and sensing a strong tug on her heart for her Scandinavian ancestry, Desi still longs to find her father–the other half of herself. Risking all she forges ahead to make contact.

The heart is a funny organ that rarely listens to reason and logic.  Thank goodness!  Otherwise Desi and Kent would never have found their happily ever after.

Here’s hoping you enjoy meeting the runaway mother’s daughter named Desdemona, who finally discovers the truest meaning of “Home is Where the Heart is.”

There are multiple book covers for A DOCTOR FOR KEEPS.

Check out the U.K. and Australian versions below.   Cherish duo - a Doctor for Keeps41aA4G594KL__AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-51,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_








Australian A Doctor for Keepsmillion-dollar-maverick-a-doctor-for-keeps


Wishing you love and happy reading wherever you are!


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4 Responses to Introducing Heartlandia

  1. Tanya Hanson says:

    Lynne, congrats on the new series. What a beautiful setting. I love the idea of biracial heroine and can’t wait to read her story! Xox

  2. Kate Willoughby says:

    Alas, I don’t storyboard. But I Pinterest, which maybe is the techy version? When I research stuff, I often pin it on that book’s board, both for my reference and for readers to look at later, after they’ve read the book and long to extend their time with my characters a little bit longer. 🙂 At least, that’s the hope!

    • Hi Kate – that makes Pinterest relevant to me for the first time! LOL.

      Here I was teasing Dee J about thinking I had to cut out pictures from magazines, and I smugly replied I’d downloaded them from the Internet.
      You just click and click, right?
      However, the one thing I’ll say on my behalf – I like to look at my story board as I write the book, and I am not a fan of split screens on my monitor, so that is one downside.