Santa Holding Magical Christmas Lights In HandsOMG. Already?  Once Halloween rears it’s ugly head, it seems the rest of the year is only a breath away.  Yet as a kid, Christmas seemed to take forever to get here. I love the Reason for the Season, but the rest of the hoopla makes my chest get tight. There’s so much to do, and so little time!


I admit, thus far I’ve only done some online shopping. I don’t even have a list made up yet!  To make matters harder, we will be traveling for Christmas this year. I’m torn about not bothering to put up a tree, but how will I get into the spirit of Christmas without one?  Of course we’ll decorate the inside of the house with our usual mementos, but should we also decorate outside?  What is a Christmas traveler supposed to do?






One of the things that helps me calm down and enjoy this season of new birth is Christmas music, both classical and popular.  Some of the greatest and most beautiful songs and music have been written in celebration of Christmas. That is a gift we can cherish every year, too.

The other anecdote to anxiety during the month of December is Tradition. Yes, those one or two things that we all do to keep us focused on why we celebrate.  It’s not ALL about the presents folks! But we already know that.


At our house we always put out the nativity scene, the countdown to Christmas gift tree, and the advent candle set, which we light each Sunday evening after reading an advent message.  I also put out the four special “Around the World” Santa figurines my mother gave me over the years. Doing that in her memory every year makes it even more meaningful. I can’t forget the table liner I got in Halifax, and we use the “Christmas” plates every night of the month.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


I’m not a gifted baker, but I do enjoy making gingerbread at Christmastime. Part of me Roasted Turkey On Harvest Tabledreads all of the yummy goodies that come my way during this season, because I KNOW for those moments of pleasure, I’ll have to spend extra time, sweat and tears working off the unwanted weight.



What’s your favorite treat to make at Christmas?

I think I’ve about covered everything.  If you see something I missed, please leave a comment.

Merry Christmas Banner With New Year's Spheres, Stars, Streamer

Christmas Season Blessing

During the coming
Christmas season
May you be blessed
With the spirit of the season,
which is peace,
The gladness of the season,
which is hope,
And the heart of the season,
which is love.

Until 2017 – make it a great one!



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