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GoogleDesktopPhotosPluginWallpaperI once had an old unpublished manuscript that did really well on the contest circuit about nine years ago.  It was the book in which I finally found my writing voice.  There was one really fun scene in that languishing story I’ve recently found the perfect way to bring back to life.


In my July Special Edition – The Medic’s Homecoming, the heroine, Jocelyn Howard, is a teacher at Whispering Oaks High School.  She’s also the temporary track coach filling in for the father of the hero in the book, Lucas Grady.  Jocelyn has had a crush on Lucas since she was six years old, and has lived next door to the Grady’s her entire life.  When Lucas must come home to care for his parents who’ve had a motorcycle accident, he’s forced to remember his childhood, the innocence of youth, and all the good times he’d had with Jocelyn.



Now, back to that packed away manuscript, the one that did well on the contest circuit, way in the back of my closet.  I’d written a story about another female teacher who needed help with a school project.  Her intentions weren’t to seduce the hero, but in the hero’s mind it certainly came off that way.


I harvested the essence of that scene and re-wrote it to perfectly fit Jocelyn and Lucas. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book, too! (Just like it was in the RIP manuscript.)

Young School Teacher Working on Her Desk in Class

Jocelyn is an anatomy teacher at the local high school, and each year she helps her students with a special organ study aid.  Since she has recently broken up with her fiancé and moved back home to her parent’s home who are touring the country in an RV, she needs help with setting up the teaching study aid.  Lucas is her man.

What does he have to do?  Trace her body onto butcher paper.

As Jocelyn lies on the butcher paper, Lucas must get up close and personal with a #2 pencil as he follows the outline of her body from head to toe and back.  The innocent need to help her students – who will each make their own human sized body and fill it in with the various organs they learn about during the semester – turns into a titillating (in the hero’s mind) scene that forever changes the way he will look at that little girl next door all grown up!

So there you have it, recycling is not only good for the environment, but sometimes for the author, too!


Have you seen any good love stories in movies lately?  I’d love some recommendations.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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