New Year – Big Plans – COOKING UP ROMANCE

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about starting this new decade. I’m calling 2020 Lynne’s Big Year, since I’ll have a book out each month for the first half of the year. So, that means I’m hoping everyone’s New Year’s Resolution is to read more books!

As of today COOKING UP ROMANCE is officially available in e-book, though it has been in book stores like Barnes & Noble, and in book sections of Walmart across America since Mid December. I hope you’ve noticed while shopping for your monthly reads.

Here’s the lineup for the year

Now I’d like to share the official Dear Reader letter from the kickoff book for the Taylor Sister Trilogy – Cooking up Romance.

Dear Reader,
If it wasn’t for DNA testing, I never would have known who my true paternal grandfather was. The discovery was unnerving to say the least, though the history far removed. I bring this up because my reaction to the news was both emotional and physical, without ever having the chance to meet the man. From my personal exaggerated response, I could imagine how discovering at thirty-one that a person was separated at birth from a sister might be earth-shattering! Then I rubbed my hands together and got down to writing this trilogy.
Lacy and Zack are two of my all-time favorite characters. Both are down-to-earth and hardworking. Both have been dealt a tough hand in life but refuse to give up hope. If Lacy hadn’t set out on her own as a food truck cook, she never would’ve met her forever love. If Zack hadn’t been willing to take a chance on the woman with the crazy pink lunch mobile, he never would’ve discovered his perfect match, and mother figure for sweet Emma, his daughter.
But when a stranger insists Lacy looks exactly like another woman, that’s when the series mystery begins.
I hope you enjoy book one of the Taylor Sisters. I loved writing it.

Until next time, make it a great one!


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