Now in a store near you! Big Romance with Small Town Feel

I am so excited that my debut Harlequin Special Edition Courting His Favorite Nurse, is now in a store near you.  Barnes & Noble, Target, and Walmart should carry the book.

My blog tour continues with three exciting stops this week:

  1. March 6th – Lacey Devlin blog – Revisions and the Writer
  2. March 7th – The Pink Heart Society where I’ll compare writing Special Edition and Medical Romance on Writer’s Wednesday.
  3. March 9th – Maggie Marr – The Books of Love

Now, I’d like to replay a blog I did for the Romance Reader in February since it tells a bit about my small town story with a big hearted romance.

As a debut Harlequin Special Edition author, one of the most appealing aspects of the line is their description: Life, Love & Family – A woman in her world–living and loving the magic of creating a family and developing romantic relationships.

I see it as a contemporary romance series where the importance of family and friends is never forgotten.

After writing eleven Medical Romances for Mills & Boon, and loving the medicine infused storylines over there, it felt a bit like working without a net to remove the hospital or clinic settings from my books.  In writing my first Special Edition proposal, a trilogy featuring a family of three siblings, two girls, and a brother, I left behind the medical setting and instead created a small town called Whispering Oaks.


Hidden in the rolling brown hills fifty miles north of Los Angeles, is a small city called
Whispering Oaks.  The bedroom community is known for its breezy nights, quiet days, clean air, competitive schools and family friendly atmosphere.  Even with the Pacific Ocean forty miles away, nearby flat and fertile farmland, and countless outdoor activities, many of the restless teens of Whispering Oaks go off to college and never return…until they must.

Once I had my city – I created a family: Kieran and Beverly Grady set their roots down in
Whispering Oaks thirty-two years ago.  Both teachers, they raised their three children with high expectations then sent them into the world as independent adults.  Now, a motorcycle accident has robbed them of their own independence.

The Return to Whispering Oaks trilogy, as proposed to Special Edition, follows Anne an RN, Lucas an Army Medic, and Lark a Medical School student, as their parents’ sudden
trauma and subsequent special needs forces  each of them back home. One by one, each
sibling must deal with their place in the family and their own private brokenness, and, of course, FALL IN LOVE!

In this first book I tell Anne’s story – Courting His Favorite Nurse

Question for readers: Do you enjoy family series and small town stories?  If so, what draws you to them?

Until next week, make it a great one, and I hope to see you somewhere out there on the virtual blog tour!                                                                                                                             Lynne


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2 Responses to Now in a store near you! Big Romance with Small Town Feel

  1. Dee J. says:

    I love YOUR small town stories! They are full of heart, emotion and wonderful characters. So excited for this Special Edition! Huge Congrats!