Part Two – The Book That Almost Killed Me – didn’t

a stack of opened and closed fully booksDepressed BusinesswomanIn early December I’d finally wrestled a difficult story onto the page and submitted to my editor.  I waited nervously to find out how extreme the revision letter would be.




One week before Christmas I received the editorial letter and to my surprise, it was only two pages long.  However, those two pages packed a wallop!  I needed to change the beginning of the book by streamlining some of the events, completely delete one small storyline, as always dig deeper into GMC (Goal, motivation, conflict) for both characters to make sure the reader understood where they were coming from, then consider making the heroine older.

I did everything in the letter but make the heroine older, which made my job more intense, because I then had to prove beyond a doubt to my editor why Elisabete Silva needed to be so young. (26).

I put aside the letter and decided to take it up after Christmas to help delete stress through the holidays.  The day after Christmas, I rolled up my sleeves and got back to work.  I focused on what needed to be done, and worked through page one onward.  By the end of the book I’d added close to four-thousand words, softened up my heroine and solidified my hero’s reasons for being the way he was.  With great trepidation, I resubmitted the book on January 5th.  Had I done enough to make the characters completely believable?  Had I fixed all of the problems noted by my editor?  Was the book a pile of crap that was sure to be rejected?  Would I get a second round of revisions, after not hitting the mark with these?  On and on I worried and waited.

jumping happy young man

I was completely surprised to get my notice back so soon, but this morning upon opening my e-mails, there was the lovely little subject heading: “Lovely revs!”  Evidently I’d done a good job of fixing the characters, and my editor loved the book and said I should become a spokesperson for Wyoming, since she now had the great desire to visit the state.

White Wine And GrapesSo today hubby and I went out to breakfast to celebrate.  But tonight I will lift my glass of Chardonnay to the accomplishment of writing twenty books for Harlequin, and feeling very lucky to have a wonderful editor and company to work for.

Now the question remains, where do I go from here?

Any unresolved issues in your life you’d like to share?  Are any of you at a turning point in your careers or personal lives?  Let’s talk!

Watch for Trevor and Cole Montgomery’s Medical 2-in-1 this October from Harlequin Medical Romance.  In the meantime, thanks for reading!
And make it a great one,

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2 Responses to Part Two – The Book That Almost Killed Me – didn’t

  1. robena grant says:

    I’m so happy you wrestled that book into shape. I’ve spent a few weeks on a difficult one myself. Must have been something in the California water. 😉 Looking forward to the release of your 20th Harlequin novel!

  2. Thank you, Robena. Glad to know I’m not the only one wrestling with characters and books.

    I hope I don’t let you down next October when this book is due out.