Rascal Flatts Made Me Do It

bigstock-Live-Guitar-6654907Music is a springboard for emotions.  There’s something magical about mixing poetry with a tune, and often the results make me think – what if?


Certain song topics always make me cry.  I’m easy that way.  Nothing got to me more than Sara Beth by Rascal Flatts.  Every time I hear it I well up, my chest clutches and I fall apart.  What a heart wrenching song.

If you follow this link to listen to Sara Beth, be sure to have a tissue ready!

So here’s the deal, that song gave me the seed for my first Special Edition – Courting His Favorite Nurse (3/12). I saw three teenagers with their heads shaved then threw in a love triangle.  How twisted is that?  Very.  The repercussions carried on for years and years, and that was what Anne Grady and Jackson Lightfoot had to work out in the book.


Another Rascal Flatts song, Bless the Broken Road, could be the theme song for my July Special EditionThe Medic’s HomecomingI like prodigal son stories and Anne Grady’s younger brother, Lucas (introduced in Courting His Favorite Nurse) is the character returning home, but there’s a catch.  Her name is Jocelyn Howard (also introduced in CHFN) and since the age of six she’s seen in Lucas what he’s never been able to discover in himself. Thanks to Jocelyn, Lucas finds out that sometimes you just can’t fight what was meant to be.medics_homecoming_170

Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine was very kind to say this about The Medic’s Homecoming:  It’s a joy to watch Marshall’s hero and heroine take the final plunge to love in this heartwarming friends-to-lovers story.  Plus, the co-stars are a perfect complement to her leads, and the love scenes are incendiary.”

And CataRomance gave the book five stars!


For the writers out there: Do songs spark stories for you?

For the readers: When you listen to songs with stories, do you picture characters, and maybe sometimes continue on with the story in your head long after the music has stopped? (Or is that just me? LOL)

In general: I’d love to hear what songs evoke feelings for you.  Share them!

Until next time, make it agreat one!



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2 Responses to Rascal Flatts Made Me Do It

  1. Robena Grant says:

    I’m very much like you in that country western music tells me a story. In fact I think CW music entertainers and romantic fiction writers are second cousins. : ) There have been many CW songs I’ve used to kickstart my muse. I put in an old CD of Keith Urban’s on a recent drive to L.A. and was immediately swept back into writing the first book in my Desert Heat series.
    Enjoying reading The Medic’s Homecoming. I think I’ll finish it over the holiday. ; )

    • Hi Robena – Yeah, music can definitely create stories in my mind.

      Thanks for reading TMH. I hope you like it, and if you do, please tell your friends. 🙂

      I always forget to tell my readers that. duh