The Marshall Memo 5/2/11 – ONE FOR THE ROAD

During the month of May I’m going to talk about my upcoming July 13th book release, One for the Road.  Since I describe the book as a road trip, a romance, and a mystery, I’ll start with the “road trip” part.

D’Anne Palmer and her husband sold their home and bought a 40 foot deluxe RV for a cross country trip.  Some of you may not realize how expensive these rigs are.  By looking at my book cover you’re thinking NOT!  Don’t get me wrong I love my cover, it totally captures the essence of this story, but a 40 foot deluxe RV does not look like that. Let me show you how the RV, the one I wrote about, really looks.

Years ago, an editor sent me a very nice rejection for One for the Road. She loved D’Anne, and enjoyed a great deal of the book, but one of her comments suggested that she didn’t realize how extremely deluxe many RVs are these days.  She said my characters – D’Anne, Tyler, and his country band (Bear, Ricky-Bob, and J.T.) – would get awfully crowded in there.  That’s why I’m sharing these pictures.  Impressive rig, isn’t it?

If you’ve ever been camping, you’ve seen these giant RVs.  They’re huge, comfortable, and modern.  Heck many of them have granite counter tops and run the size of a small apartment.  I kid you not.

In July, when the book is released in both e-book format and print from The Wild Rose Press, be sure to follow Tyler White and the band on his comeback tour traveling from Nashville to Las Vegas.  Join D’Anne Palmer on the wildest detour of her life where she learns there’s no place like home…and home is where the heart is.

More about the book next time.

Until then, make it a great week!


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4 Responses to ROAD TRIP!

  1. Nas says:

    Wow! Impressive. I would definitely like to take one for the road!

    • Hi Nas,
      I’m always amazed how luxurious many RVs are, though have never had the luck to take a trip in one of these babies. I toured lots of them as research.
      D’Anne Palmer is definitely traveling in style…until she invites THE BAND to come along for the ride.

      : )

      • robena grant says:

        That is a snazzy looking RV.

        I’ve often wondered how it would be to travel that way. It sounds great, but I think there’s a lot to consider. Me, I’m spoiled rotten. When I travel, I want a good hotel, a great restaurant, and excellent air conditioning. If I can’t have those I’d rather stay at home.

        Looking forward to reading One for the Road.

        • Hi Robena,
          It’s great to hear from you. I must admit, as I get older, I like your list of musts when traveling. Though, many of the RVs I’ve toured at top of the line in luxury – as long as someone who knows that they’re doing is driving, I would definitely give it a go.
          Thanks for commenting.