Apparently Single Dads are the big thing in romance reading this summer, and I’m happy to have wound up in the middle of the trend.  I was thrilled to see one of my books had been included in a six-book anthology featuring single dads in the United Kingdom.  My lovely Trevor Montgomery from Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Father was transformed from this






to thisYowza! I get a little nervous looking at him now, and yet I knew him so well when I wrote him. ha ha I’ve never had a “man-chest” book cover before.

I admit I was surprised that he was the guy chosen to go in this book bundle because his is a different kind of single dad story, but trust me, I’m NOT COMPLAINING! I hope you’ll check out the book.

Here is a link to one of the many articles that picked up on the turn from reclusive billionaires (think that grey shades book) to guys taking charge of their families and still managing to find love.

In keeping with the trend, I wanted to let the world know that I’ve written many singledad books, long before they were the thing.  Here’s a list 











For a twist on the single dad trope, check out this book ->







It’s funny that this single dad trend started right about the time I finished and turned in the third book in my Delaney brothers trilogy, for Harlequin Special Edition, where each brother becomes a step-in dad for three wonderful and deserving single moms. Hopefully, next March, April and May 2018 when those books get released, that scenario will be the next big trend.

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